Harley Arrives Tomorrow...........

Discussion in 'Mature Riders' started by Samantha Lawson, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Samantha Lawson

    Samantha Lawson New Member

    I am sooooooooooooooooo excited but scared at the same time that his owner is going to change her mind at the last minute & keep him.

    I am not going to sleep tonight!!!

    SaM xx
  2. Murphley Moo

    Murphley Moo New Member

    You are soooo lucky - he will be here before you know it! :)
  3. Pencilbeckett

    Pencilbeckett New Member

    Good luck for tommorow it is so exciting, i know what you mean about the scary part :) I phoned the owner the day before Ozzy came and she didn't answer straight away. I phoned my husband nearly in tears panicking that she wasnt going to ring back and i would never see my horse (so irrational :eek:) 5 minutes later she rang back.

    You will feel so much better when Harley arrives tomorrow (love his name by the way). Enjoy your day. Have you got everything ready?

  4. Mr Ed

    Mr Ed New Member

    Brilliant Sam, bet you can't think about anything else:D

    Have you got to do much shopping for him - bet you've already started!! Keep us posted over the w/end - let us know how he's settling. At least you have the benefit of a an experienced yard. I found it really useful being able to ask lots of questions, opinion and for advice....

    It's 7 weeks now since I had Ed and I already feel so much calmer and more expeirienced in dealing with him (in terms of riding, there's still along way to go :eek:).

    Have a fantastic weekend - the weather forecast doesnt look too bad

  5. Samantha Lawson

    Samantha Lawson New Member

    I think i have got most things & he comes with all his tack & rugs so it is just a case of seeing what spares i need.

    I am going up to the yard later to see what i need to do there.

    I will be up at the crack of dawn in the morning

    I will not get to spend all sunday with him as i am doing the race for life.

    How long did you all leave it before riding?

    SaM xx
  6. alisonq

    alisonq New Member

    Best of luck Sam - do let us know when he arrives and how he settles. It is so exciting for you :D

    I have had Muffin 10 weeks now - and have learnt loads in that time. The riding is slowly improving (still a long long way to be where I want to be), ground handling is great and we've really got to know each other. Yes, we have our ups and downs but I am totally in love with him!

    I left it a few days before riding Muffin - but spent lots of time with him grooming, walking and just being with him. This seemed to work for us as by the time I got on him, we had got to know each other.

    Enjoy getting everything ready for Harley - and remember to post some pictures!

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  7. Coco91

    Coco91 New Member

    Best of luck for tomorrow and i know what you mean about no sleep, Ollie isn't being vetted until 13 July and I'm awake at 5am every morning thinking about it.

    Remember to take loads of pictures and enjoy every minute.

    One more sleep to go.

    Coco xx
  8. ginageorge

    ginageorge New Member

    :)Wishing you all the best for tomorrow,you must be so excited,not much longer to wait now,good luck with Harley.:)
  9. oumbagirl

    oumbagirl New Member

    So exciting!!!!...

    Sure that you are bursting at the seams with excitment! I was last week this time. Seems like an age now but I agree with the previous poster - you will know when it is right for you to try for the first time.

    I settled Oscar in last Saturday and stabled him for one night then out in his paddock and introduced him to his next door neighbours (3 oldies). Later that day took my OH's Sec. D mare in to his paddock to get acquainted and much grass for a few minutes together (on leid rein). Second day lots of walking around and spending time 'hanging together' in his field, lots of touching and grooming. Third day walked out down the track and went to see all his neighbours in the locality. 4th day groomed and spent time in evening before fitting his tack and taking him into the school and walking him round especially 'spooky corner' at which I am so pleased to say he never flinched, although big bolshy Skye (OH's mare) is such a wimp in the school. 5 day Rode him for around 15 - 20 mins and he was fine to say that he hadn't been ridden since vetted 10 days previously. A bit quick, but nothing too scary. 6/7 day as before spending lots of time together and riding progressively more in school. Hope to hack out for first time this weekend as he is having his new shoes on tomorrow!!:D

    Go with your gut instincts and see how he settles. He is your best friend in the making now, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy :D
  10. Mr Ed

    Mr Ed New Member


    The previous owners brought Ed to our yard on the Wed morning. Visited him 3 or 4 times that day, grooming him, feeding him etc.

    My friend (very experienced) said she thought I should tack him up the next day and go straight out on him (with her riding next to me) on a walking hack. She helped me to get him ready and we just walked about 3 miles. I felt sooooo nervous, but it was great to see how 'cool' he was in traffic and on roads.

    I guess there are no right or wrong ways - just do what feels right for you.

    Enjoy Enjoy :D:D

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