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    I did some training here last year- it is a lovely relaxed environment and Dawn is an amazing horsewoman.

    They are holding some alternative workshops this summer. I am hoping to go to at least one, as I know I will learn a lot. Thought other NR members might be interested.

    12th May- The Way of the Horse - A one day workshop exploring ourselves through the way of the horse. The horse in myth and reality.

    22-23rd May 2012- Journeys with Horses - A 2 day meditative retreat.

    11-13th June 2012-Seeking the Centaur - Exploring the Archetype of the Wounded Healer-A 3 day Epona Intensive Workshop

    16-17th June 2012-Making Sense Of Your Journey - A 2 day workshop exploring the way we move through our lives.

    7-8th July 2012-What Are Our Autistic Children Teaching Us? - A 2 day workshop which seeks to explore autism from the parents’ perspective.

    More details here- http://www.heartshore-horses.com/Heartshore_Horses/Courses_&_Workshops.html

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