Heather moffet hip saver

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by newforest, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    How good are these and what are they worth? I'm looking to sell mine and want to describe it well hardly been used.,
  2. Sueandharvey

    Sueandharvey New Member

    Is that the kind that fits the barefoot treeless saddles. What was it like to ride on was it comfortable and did it do as it claims make the saddle seem narrower. If you thought it was good and it would fit a barefoot I may be interested in buying it from you.
  3. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    Eta black one sold only have have brown now
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  4. Peaches

    Peaches New Member

    Hi, HM do a barefoot hipsaver and an english hipsaver. You can tell which it is from the shape. There are photo's and info on the hipsavers, and also the seat bone savers on the enlightened equitation shop: http://www.enlightenedequitationshop.com/

    I've not tried any of them personally, but I have heard very good things. If you go browse the EE forums (http://www.enlightenedequitation.com/ee/boards/index.php), there will be posts and opinions on their, although obviously it is heather's own forums so expect it to be possibly bias (maybe justifiably so, maybe not - couldn't tell you!).

    Sorry can't give you personal experience, but HTH...x
  5. S_F_S

    S_F_S Guest

    What is the difference between a seatsaver and a hipsaver?
  6. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    The hipsaver is designed thicker to give a twist to a saddle without one, seatsaver just cushions your bum.

    I had one on my fhoenix just found it actually gave me less twist than the actual saddle, haven't tried one on a barefoot type saddle though.
  7. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    I'll check which type i have on forums helps to sell that way.
    Wont need as my saddles feel ok. Didnt have it when had torsion when needed it!
  8. Annie Fleur MrP

    Annie Fleur MrP New Member

    Sorry wantin to clarify. Why would you use one? To make the saddle narrower (the bit you sit on)?? So like a really wide saddle Im assuming, cause thats what treeless are like arent they??
  9. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    Some styles of treeless do make you feel like your are too wide. Or some wide horses make you feel this way also. It gives impression of twist so you feel narrower yes. But trying to look up exactly what i have. I know hip saver but two types. Got off ebay so its going back on unless someone pm.s me
  10. Madaz_Maddy

    Madaz_Maddy New Member

    Ive got an english saddle, is it one to fit that?? My saddle is extremely flat and wide to match my girlies back!! sound interesting.
  11. Kis Vihar

    Kis Vihar Nutty Saddlers !

    I often find riding agony now due to my cr*ppy hips. My wide saddle fits my wide mare, but it's too wide for me to sit in!! I'm very interested in your hip-saver. I'm off to google.....to see if it would be useful for me! :)

    Would you be prepared to swap it for anything? Besides money...which I am seriously lacking!:rolleyes:
  12. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    Its the traditional hip saver pad. Its actually brown with black straps.
    I will be willing to swop it or sell.
    Looking for bitless bridle in cob. Or pm and we'll chat about it:)
  13. Millies Mum

    Millies Mum New Member

    just a hippy question for any body please,,,,, my hips are really crappy too, and get a lot of pain,,,, is it best to sort of set them so they don,t move, or really relax your lower body, so the hips sort of go with the flow if that all makes sence,,???
    ps have HM seat saver, good for bad backs,,,
  14. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    i've just put it on ebay as easier than the swop shop.
  15. LisW

    LisW New Member

    If your's is the one on ebay - it says brown, but here you say black, is it black or brown please?
  16. Kis Vihar

    Kis Vihar Nutty Saddlers !

    Sorry newforest I didn't see this thread again....and forgot all about it! I really did mean to PM you....My brain is occupied with other things and I completely forgot...:eek: TBH, I've put my saddle up for sale anyway...we are so desperate for the money...so a hip-saver for a saddle won't really help if I don't actually have a saddle....! :rolleyes: Hope you get a good price for it on eBay. :)
  17. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    I had two and the brown one is the one that i have left, currently on ebay

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