Help/Advice needed for moving Ace to new yard

Discussion in 'Transport and Travelling' started by k8te, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. whitby which

    whitby which New Member

    It sounds like he is doing really well!:)

    Maybe you are right, it is you who needs the sedative:help::happy:
  2. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Funnily enough ever time i do the drug round at work i do longingly look at the little 'blue tablets' :redcarded:
  3. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Well new day and i am on :cloud9:.

    Took kids to school and once back home, set up the electric tape and put his food in the lorry. Loaded himself and started to munch. I went and cleared his field, and when i got back i went in the back with him, and decided to ask him to move over, this didnt go down to well and he buggared off out of the lorry :banghead:

    I went off to tack room and on my return he was back in the lorry, went in again and gave him so loving, then went and sat on the bench outside. I thought i would try again as he was standing in quite a good position. So went back up the ramp and was stroking and kissing him, and decided to bring the partition round towards us both a bit, held it for a few seconds, then moved it back...Ace lowered his head whilst i did this and only returned to his hay once it was back. So i decided to try again, he didnt even batter an eye or ear!

    Ever time i did this i brought it a bit closer, until i was on the other side of the partition and it was next to him in the right position. He had a sniff, and whacked his head on it when eating hay of the ground :giggle:. I didnt lock it in place, as thought well if he wants to buggar off all he has to do is move it. I then left it like that and started to move away from him, until i was back by the bench, and he made no attempt at all to move the partition, i went up and down the ramp and he was a star!

    I opened it up and reclosed it a couple of times, and he was happy as larry in there. So proud of my boy :inlove:

    Still got a way to go, as in actually locking the partition, then the gates then the actual ramp and have 4 days left to do this, but i think we may just get there :biggrin: And when he has company he will be even better ~ I hope! x x

    Will try and add photos to mark our little victory x
  4. Ruskii

    Ruskii Active Member

    Brilliant news ! :dance:
  5. k8te

    k8te New Member



  6. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Thanks Ruskii :happy:

    And sorry photos are so big!!! x x
  7. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Another good morning of lorry practise :dance:

    Up he went for his hay, and i did his field. On way back i closed the partition not locking it in place but hopefully Ace wouldnt know that :giggle:. And i went off to the stable block to start the dreaded packing of his items...OMG he has so many rugs, and considering he wintered out this year in just a rain sheet i think i need to get rid of his middle & heavy weights rigs, which he has loads of from the RS. But no time now, so all packed up. I was gone for about 40 mins, and when i returned got a kiss from him, he carried on munching so i went back to pack up more stuff.

    Him all packed i went back to the lorry, and then clipped him up....He was ok with this. I then repeated this a few times, and then stupirdly left him unclipped when i explained to him i was going to shut the gate, he has head under the partition so quickly opened it back up and went and clipped him up again. I was opening and closing each of the gates, and kicked once and scrapped his hoof on the floor a couple of times till i told him not to be silly :giggle: and he stopped. I then opened everything up so he was free to leave, and he didnt he just had a look outside and decided to eat more of his hay.

    So another good day, and another proud mummy :inlove: Tomorrow i am going to try and shut both gates and the ramp and pray it all goes ok...Wish me luck..... x x x
  8. k8te

    k8te New Member

    :dance: Whoop Whoop :dance:

    Got Ace in, clipped in, partition closed, gates closed and the ramp up :dance:

    Not a peak from Mr Ace at all, even went in throught the living to see what he was up to, he was eating :biggrin:

    Tomorrow going to have the engine running and hope for the same. Just spoke to landladys fella, he asked how we were getting etc...Going to move him with their horse who is next to Ace's field. Told him i'd like to do it in the morning, as i have been doing and we are going to take out time, no rushing, just calmly~calmly, I want this to be a good experience for us this time!

    So plan is to get their horse in, let Ace go in eat his breakkie, then he turns himself into the right hay eating position, which is also the right position for the partition :giggle: clip him in, close partition, then as they eat their hay i will load all his belongings into the living area, then close up gates and ramp and zoom off!!

    What do they say about best laid plans.....Wish us luck!!!!!!!! x x
  9. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Well today is the day and i have been up since 4am and my heart is already pounding!

    Yesterday went really well, had engine running and him closed him ready to go :dance:

    Will update when back x
  10. Ruskii

    Ruskii Active Member

    Your doing SO well with him - you should be really pleased with yourself have a :smug: from me.

    Good luck with it all xx
  11. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Good luck!
  12. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Well we made it :dance: Just as i was about to load him i had a phonecall to say my new fridge was 5 mins away, so had to wait for them to find the house!

    Back up there and let Ace into the lorry, forgot to start it up so went and got landlady and her fella to come up and start it for me, Ace then legged it out :giggle:. Put more feed in his bowl and back up her goes!

    i am starting to feel myself panic, and so I let her fella move him into right position, and do everything :redface: Ace is just staring at me, and i am just encouraging him, i really didnt want him to pick up on my nerves.

    No noise from inside, i run off to my car and start to feel very sick...i followed them out and no movement from lorry ~phew. I then had an awful wait of about 15 mins for them to come, i was thinking the worst as you do :wink:

    In they come and still no noise from my lad, open the ramp and there he is still eating his hay. Made him stand at the top of the ramp and slowly walk off, so chilled :cloud9:

    As we got in view of Bob his old partner in crime, Bob came whinneying over , Ace decided to ignore him and look at me, as in "Mum, i know where i am :smile:" Got to the gate, trying to get Bob out the way and let Ace go, bit off a trot then head down to eat grass! :giggle: But no chance with Bob, an hour he was chasing Ace around, grooming eachother :inlove: then trying to kick the :poop: out of eachother :redcarded: Bob always had a thing of chewing Ace's tail, and yeap straight back on it.

    Once i had unpacked, with Ace looking over to see where i was putting his food, i went in as they were happily grazing, to put his rambo hoody on and fly mask, cheeky pony tried to walk away, however as he is a forrester i had treats :wink:.

    Went back down forhis supper, and he was off grazing with his pal...So lovely to see him with company, not really interested i was there came had his dinner over the fence with Bob getting his face in it also. And left he be, its like he has never been away!

    I am SO proud of my boy today i ♥ him SO SO much :inlove: x x

    Here he is with Bob, Ace on the left


  13. Flipo's Mum

    Flipo's Mum Heavy owner of a Heavy

    Well done mrs, you must be so proud, all that hard work paid off!
  14. k8te

    k8te New Member

    Thanks FM, i am very proud of us both :smile: Going to put him in the lorry at new place couple of times a week, so we dont have to go backwards and start again, it wa such a relief, and now packing up our home :banghead: x
  15. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Yaye!!!! Everything went ok then!
  16. Dizzy Woo

    Dizzy Woo Active Member

    Well done Kate and Ace - I dont know how I managed to miss this thread - so glad it all went so well -see ya :dance:
  17. Dark Storm

    Dark Storm Active Member

    Looking at your lorry, it's a side loader, and I can see why you had so much trouble.. Bailey didn't like that type of lorry either, it's the moving into position that does it, he freaked out, and came under the side of the partition (you know what I mean, where the partition is at it's narrowest, where your horse's head is), he didn't like the feel of it on his side, and put a real good fight up to get out..
    I had a natural horsemanship instructor come out and help me with his loading issues.. The thing was, on a previous trip (to the vets for castration) he'd been fine, happy to load, and also happy to come home the next day. He really didn't fancy travelling again on the next trip..
    He gave the NH guy a real run for his money, rearing and spinning around, and using all his pony weight against him (this pony rising 3, at 13.2 had just days before dragged 3 grown men down the lane), but this time he was wearing a dually halter, and an experienced handler of difficult horses at the other end of the rope..
    It took 30 mins, to persuade a pony who'd decided that "I am NOT putting ONE foot on that ramp!" to "Maybe it's not so bad".. he's entire behaviour changed, and he happily ate his brekkie in the box..
    Moving day went well, he did get ept up a bit about the partition, but was more interested in the feed than actually getting out this time.. plus he didn't put his weight in use, he seemed to remember "Dually halter"..
    Since that day (he's now someone else's pony), he's travelled a lot in trailers and boxes, no problem.. maybe it was the fear of going back to the vets that made him refuse, as we did try a trailer before the box, and he point blank refused to load in that also... because a previous happy to load youngster, turned in to a little devil over night, then back to the saint he'd always been..
    Like you, a lot of practice before hand, could have made the move a lot easier, but only a month before hand, he wasn't up for sale, and I hadn't expected him to go so quick, plus he had previously loaded fine, and I had no reason to think he wouldn't this time - I couldn't have been more wrong :smile:

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