Help needed, mens private bits!

Discussion in 'New Riders' started by Caritay, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Caritay

    Caritay New Member

    My boyfriend started riding a month or so ago and is having problems with the rising trot, if you know what I mean!!!!! :p

    He is wearing lycra skin tight boxer shorts at the moment but still keeps catching his bits.

    Any ideas?
  2. Dizzy Woo

    Dizzy Woo Active Member

    hmmmm..... my OH is about to start riding again after many years out of the saddle, he was but a wee boy the last time he rode so not sure he would have noticed any 'interferance' in those days - will have to keep my eye on him!
  3. flintybaby

    flintybaby Horse lover


    Sorry my girlish humour pops out every now and then! :D

    Glad we dont have that problem!!
  4. jaydevon

    jaydevon Banned

    TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!! we had a thread like this a while back, i think it was joyscarer that suggested we needed pictures :D
  5. Caritay

    Caritay New Member

    I don't think he will let me put pictures on here somehow!!!
  6. jaydevon

    jaydevon Banned

    sorry then the only answer is castration.
  7. Caritay

    Caritay New Member

    I was hoping there would be a less brutal solution. Think he would rather post pics ha ha
  8. midnightmare

    midnightmare New Member

    not another one :p
    I have a rather effective suggestion- not sure if it would offend anyone though :D
  9. Caritay

    Caritay New Member

    I'm curious now, what's the suggestion??
  10. midnightmare

    midnightmare New Member

    awww, i don't want to post it :( :eek: sorry, it's not a siggestion, more of a joke
  11. millys mum

    millys mum New Member

    He could always wear padded shorts like my O/H wears when he's cycling, then again there's no rising trot on a bike.
  12. midnightmare

    midnightmare New Member

    the padded cycling shorts are a good idea :)
  13. fishiz3434

    fishiz3434 New Member

    my friend says he wears cotton boxers with an elastic waist and uses the elastic to hold everything out of the way :p i cant say I'd know if that was uncomfortable or not but he doesn't ever complain hehe
  14. coyote

    coyote Nelly's Mum.

    Even though im "old,stupid and past it" :rolleyes: ill still offer some advice.

    Could he be rising and falling wrong,could he modify his position to maybe lean slightly further back so as not to catch himself on the pommel,it sounds to me as if he is tilting forward.

    Men get nasty belly ache when they catch themselves,have to say it cracks me up every time,when it happens!!!!! :D :D :D
  15. Gasbag

    Gasbag Tilly and Elle

    To which side does he dress? Will it help if he dresses to the other side?

    If this is no help could he customise his saddle by cutting out a hole in the seat to give more freedom......

    Sorry cant keep my face straight any longer PMSL.....obvious to all I'm a female :D:D:D
  16. jaydevon

    jaydevon Banned

    r u sure gb, or is it that you have tried and tested these suggestions?
  17. unicornleather

    unicornleather Working Saddler

    Hmmmmmmm, certain to give you lot a good laugh but it DOES hurt when you catch yourself. Saddles today don't allow for male riders on the whole, when I trained 21 years ago we were shown how to make a "gentleman's" riding saddle and as we formed the seat with webbing etc we had to allow "ball" room by leaving a dip in the seat for your tackle to sit in, this is the traditional way to make a men's riding saddle but in the modern world there is no such thing of course, has he tried a gel seat saver?
    Might cushion the blow a bit.
    I have the same problem if I slam my brakes on in an emergency on my Triumph Thunderbird, you slide up the seat and slam your wedding tackle against the tank, that smarts a bit too!

    The American calvalry had the right idea in the Maclellan saddle, although it was hard on your seat bones the middle part of the seat was missing so if you were "well endowed" everything could hang down the middle and keep cool at the same time.
    Oz ;)
  18. coyote

    coyote Nelly's Mum.

    *sniggers* [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. Gasbag

    Gasbag Tilly and Elle

    OMG - seems I am more knowledgable that I give myself credit for. :eek::p

    What's the old saying:
    Many a true thing said in jest :rolleyes:
  20. unicornleather

    unicornleather Working Saddler

    LOL, certainly is Gasbag!
    Becareful what you say next!
    Oz :)

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