Hi-lite/light saddles

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by Lot1983, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Lot1983

    Lot1983 New Member

    Are they cheap and cheerful or utter carp?

  2. devonlass

    devonlass New Member

    Do you mean the shires ones??

    Assuming you do am not sure TBH.The general opinion is that they must be rubbish as they're cheap and that the gullet idea can't possibly work.

    Having said that though I know of a few people that use them and rave about them and their horses certainly don't seem uncomfortable in them.

    They *shouldn't* be any good,but proof of the pudding and all that,who knows:unsure:
  3. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    Which type? My friend has older models for the kids. I wouldn't want any extra weight that this on them. You would b better opting for wintec or the other beginning with t forget name.
    Some can be slippery.
  4. Lot1983

    Lot1983 New Member

    I weigh about 8.5 stone so not that heavy? Not sure how old but it's the dressage model.
  5. Kis Vihar

    Kis Vihar Nutty Saddlers !

    Utter crap.

    IMHO. ;)
  6. popularfurball

    popularfurball Learning all the time

    Barge and pole spring to mind also :D
  7. chickflick1066

    chickflick1066 New Member

    They just look dead tacky to me. What's up with Hen's saddle?
  8. Lot1983

    Lot1983 New Member

    Nothing wrong with his new saddle but I've been hankering after a cheap dressage saddle... you know for all the dressage I don't do!!!
  9. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines

    I would for go for second hand but a better make. If you then need to sell you should break even.
    Do you actually need a dressage model? Unless you have big knee rolls.
  10. Lot1983

    Lot1983 New Member

    Newforest, I just fancied something very straight cut to allow for shoulder movement and I generally fancied a dressage saddle!!
  11. newforest

    newforest Educated By Equines


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