Horse that keeps chewing at the bit and opening his mouth???

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by Spider, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Spider

    Spider Active Member

    Hes ridden in just a cavesson noseband at the moment, would a simple flash help with the constant chewing and opening his mouth?
  2. jovi_y2k2

    jovi_y2k2 Well-Known Member

    Has he had his teeth checked recently? This would be my first course of action. If all ok there and he's still doing it I'd be looking at the confirmation of his mouth and the type of bit you're using. For example if he has a fleshy mouth with a big tongue and a thick bit, there won't be much room in his mouth to accommodate the bit, so might be unhappy about it hence the chewing.
  3. Spider

    Spider Active Member

    he had his teeth done about 2 weeks ago.
    hes currently in a french link snaffle but were going to try him in a full cheek one to see if it helps with steering! The bit he came with was far too big for him so weve just put a smaller one in.
  4. OwnedbyChanter

    OwnedbyChanter With out my boys life would be bland

    Open the mouth and chewing the bit are signs of unhappniess and should not be sorted by putting a flash on. Go back a couple of steps and try and find bit that he is happy with (use a bit bank as it can be a long expensive process) it took me 7 bits before I found on ehe liked.

    It will also depend on the rider and how they have the contact a sloppy contact will result in opening mouth and chewing. Also a incorrectly fitted but can gve to much movement. You could try round cheek pieces if you find a bit that he likes but moves around side to side to much and helps with steering.
  5. joosie

    joosie Well-Known Member

    Yes a flash would help you keep his mouth closed, but that's not really a "solution" so much as a cover-up! He is showing resistance to the bit which is most likely to be a result of pain / discomfort and/or a bit which doesn't suit his mouth. If his teeth are ok then I would experiment with some different bits first to see if a different type of mouthpiece / joint suits him better.

    You mention you are having trouble steering - how old is the horse, is he young/green?
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  6. popularfurball

    popularfurball Learning all the time

    Jp korsteel full cheek French link are nice bits - not expensive either Tis what sorted our bitting stuff
  7. Spider

    Spider Active Member

    hes a tb ex racer. he doesnt seem to want to bend around the corners, just flings his head up but we think that was probably because the bit he came with was actually far too big!
  8. OwnedbyChanter

    OwnedbyChanter With out my boys life would be bland

    Spider I should of checked the picture then I would of remember it was barry we are talking about. How long was he off the track for? and was he professional reschooled?

    If not then you have a lots of work to do schooling wise. Racers ae about going fast straight not around corners. You are going to have to take things slowly and start schooling like he is a young one. Go back to flat work over poles and start lateral work to try and encoruage bend slowly.

    I recommend a sports physion session as he will probably be quite tight in the neck and reluctant to bend. Start doing sone carrot stretchs on the ground.

    It will be a slow process but you have him for years and it will be such a wonderful feelijg when you get him going correct the right way.
  9. Spider

    Spider Active Member

    he last raced in 2008. to be honest i dont think he has been professionally reschooled. he knows whats hes doing- serpentines, jumping ect.. its just the bending were working on! he likes to cut corners! hes also started going off slightly to the left/right when walking in a straight line but we believe this was due to the mahoosive bit he came with! (6'')

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