horse transport or box hire from cornwall help !

Discussion in 'Transport and Travelling' started by jordys pony, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. jordys pony

    jordys pony Guest

    I need to pick up a horse from the west coast of wales and bring it to cornwall, i either need a shared load or someone willing to do the journey for a price or horse box hire from cornwall as both me and my hubby can drive, cant seem to find a hire place in cornwall.Any info advice would be gratefull. please Tammy :confused::D
  2. nades_2004

    nades_2004 New Member

    good lady driver DEFRA approved, will do nationally at very reasonable rates can do at fairly short notice! lovely modern horsebox with sat nav and cctv sideways travel. ring natalie santon on 0780900347 anytime. say sinead passed on her number.

    good luck! pm me if any problems
  3. jordys pony

    jordys pony Guest

    will do that just been quoted £310 on a shared load which i didnt think was bad, but will give her a call. thank you.:D
  4. Kate&TheHerd

    Kate&TheHerd Guest

    ring P and L luck, they are from cornwall and always doing journies down, so they very reasonable priced. google them for their number, they are highly reccommended
  5. nades_2004

    nades_2004 New Member

    310 for a shared load is very good!! also try pimbury equine they are excellently priced and travell nationally!
  6. Kate&TheHerd

    Kate&TheHerd Guest

    yes but its always best to shop around ;) sorry, too have suggested that-just re read! :eek:

    heres the website for P & L Luck

    and their phone number:

    01579 345151

    I urge you to ring/email them, even if its just to get a quote, real nice people :) hope everything goes well for you whatever you chose
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