Horsey Slang?

Discussion in '2008 Archive of Posts' started by palmerlover52, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. palmerlover52

    palmerlover52 New Member

    I have a project to do on colloquial english and I have to write a report on use of slang in certain social groups. I'd much rather do it on something I give two willies about rather than some chavs acting cool outside coop. So is there any specific slang you associate with riding? I actually can't think of any!
  2. Joddys?
    Going for a blast?
    Hooning about?

    Is that the sort of thing or have I got the wrong end of the stick:p
  3. palmerlover52

    palmerlover52 New Member

    That's the kind of thing! Stuff we'd understand but someone non horsey would be like :confused:!

    (Not technical terms like piaffe or cavaletti or whatever, but yeah)
  4. titch_

    titch_ New Member

    Ned / Neddies
  5. titch_

    titch_ New Member

  6. Djtaf

    Djtaf New Member

    ok here we go...

    -bombing off
    -horsey treat (One of the ones at our yard) :rolleyes:
    -"il just throw his stuff on" instead of tacking up!!

    thats all ive got at the mo... il think of some more later!!!
  7. Not sure if this counts but

    Skipping out?

    If you said that to a non-horsey person they'd be like 'why do you skip?' I guess:p
  8. Kis Vihar

    Kis Vihar Nutty Saddlers !

    'Having a hoolie on the stubble field'!! Horsey people know what it means!! ;)
  9. Tally.

    Tally. New Member

  10. Tally.

    Tally. New Member

    oh, oh, i got another one

    going out the side door :D
  11. Kis Vihar

    Kis Vihar Nutty Saddlers !

    Not exactly slang...but 'good doer' - frequently referring to a horse who is a 'flumpet cob'!!! :D
  12. NatalieR

    NatalieR RIP Bruno-Love ya foreva

    just take a notepad and pen to a yard:p lots of strange stuffs are said:D

    or just talk to a non horsey friend, and see what bit they were >:confused:< :)
  13. Flash Harry

    Flash Harry New Member

    Erm...........there is a phrase used amongst the `flat` racing world, i will explain
    A horse that performs brilliantly at home, that is a colt, is a morning glory
    However he fails to `perform`when requested to , ie the race track
    I will let you make up your own mind :D
  14. Pone
    A Net (Haynet)
    The crap pile (Use your imagination...! Probs not suitable for an essay tho!)
    Going up! (rearing)
    Bronco (bucking)
  15. Cobby job
    Going for a plod

  16. Ginger Thing

    Ginger Thing New Member

    How about 'on his toes' ?
  17. Clava

    Clava New Member

    Tanking off
    Ewe necked
    Goose rump...

    All ears.
  18. Ruskii

    Ruskii Active Member

    Not technically an english word but along the same lines of going for a hoolie in a stubble field, the Aussie version is 'Bush Bashing' :D
  19. palmerlover52

    palmerlover52 New Member

    Cobby Job?

    Thank you guys, this is really helpful :D (Love the racing one Flash Harry LOL)

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