How much do you pay for riding lessons?

Discussion in 'New Riders' started by cesa, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. cesa

    cesa New Member

    Aren't riding lessons expensive?!! :eek:
    In my old RS I used to pay up front for a block of 10 x 1hr lessons - that cost £100.
    And for my daughter's lessons (1/2hr) it cost £50 for 10. Yes - that's cheap!! :D
    But now I pay £18 per hour lesson/hack and in a couple of week's time i'm doing a full day at the school - 2 lessons in the day and spend time looking after the horses - which costs £30. At the moment I can only afford to go for a lesson once a fortnight. :(
    My mum rides at a different place and they charge £15 for an hour's lesson/hack and soon we'll be going for a hack (1 1/2 hrs) which will cost us £20 each.

    What about you - how much do you pay per lesson and how often do you go?
  2. Amy68

    Amy68 Live To Ride

    i dont get to go as much cos my brother has football matches most sundays and training on the saturday
    but i still do go but it is £19, and then a £1 to borrow a hat.
    thats for a hour
    there was 2hour ride which was £38 and £1 for a hat
    and pony days are about £40 or less, and thats like 12-4.
  3. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    My lessons (private) are £25 for 45 minutes :eek:

    But they do benifit me and my pony.
    Only have it once every 2 months, so not too bad.
  4. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    Last year I was paying £22 fpr 1/2 hour private.

    £16 for 3/4 hour for a RI to come to me and teach me on my own horse.
  5. cesa

    cesa New Member

    No way - the full day session up here starts at 10am till 4pm and it's just £30!
    Don't know how much hat hire is - actually think it's included in the price but I have my own hat anyway so can't be definite.
  6. palmerlover52

    palmerlover52 New Member

    Uhm, up until a little while ago, I was paying around 26 pound for an hours group =/
  7. Ms Kitty

    Ms Kitty I'd rather play Polo

    When I was little, I remember paying a sum equal to* about £3 per 45min lesson.. When we had our special trainer come give us a lesson once a month, that was about £5! And that was concidered very expensive! :eek:

    Nina x

    * this was in Finland around the late 80s, early 90s so different country and different currency
  8. l7oopys

    l7oopys Whoooo Pat!

    I pay £15 for one hour- Thats for the RI to come to my yard and teach me on my own horse.
  9. orbvalley

    orbvalley Member

    I pay 18€ (about £12) for an hours semi-group lesson (there's 3-4 of us) + catching your ride, grooming, tacking up and giving stale baguette chunks afterwards:D
    Hats are free if you don't have one. Hacking is the same price and 1hours private lesson is about £20.
    Feels so cheap now after reading some of your prices that I might go & book an extra hack!
  10. vimto92

    vimto92 Often indecisive...

    I pay £15 for a 45minute group.
  11. vimto92

    vimto92 Often indecisive...

    Oooh, let me re-phrase...
    Dad pays £15 for a 45 minute group lesson.

  12. ~*sugarlump*~

    ~*sugarlump*~ rather be riding...

    £12 hour group, theres bout 4 of us:)
  13. cesa

    cesa New Member

    Not fair!! Humph......:mad: :p
  14. amylou_84

    amylou_84 New Member

    £22 for an hours group lesson - can be up to 8 people!! Or £35 for an hours private lesson. I tend to have 1 private and 3 group a month. I could almost have a horse for that! I remember in Ireland i paid £10 for an hour and 15 mins group lesson!!
  15. Spider

    Spider Active Member

    £20 for a private 1hr lesson
    and £14 for a hack
    and its £18 for a private hack :)
  16. cesa

    cesa New Member

    Wow :eek: that is pricey. I remember a while ago I was on holiday near perth and was looking into going on hacks and the prices were extortionate. Eventually found a lovely place that does hacks with Exmoor Ponies in the summer and they were very reasonable - £20 or £25 for half day hack!! :D
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  17. jenmac_85

    jenmac_85 Guest

    £20 for an hours private lesson on own horse
  18. tango'smum

    tango'smum New Member

    i pay £20 and she comes to me .
    local rs charge.
    for 30 mins £18 weekday
    30 mins weekend £24.
    1hour is about £28 weekday
    and 1 hour weekend is £36.
  19. kusha

    kusha Official Photographer


    At my old RS I was paying £20 for 1 hour group (6 - 8 people)

    My new school charges £23 for 45 mins for group lessons and £23 for 1/2 hour private.

    There seems to be such a variation in prices.
  20. Katie1986

    Katie1986 New Member

    About 5/6 years ago, I used to pay £10 for a group lesson for 1 hour. There were about 6 of us in the group,and I used to go up to the stables a couple of hours beforehand and help groom/tack up for other lessons as well.

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