How much should I expect to pay a groom?

Discussion in 'Exam Training and Careers' started by Monty, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Monty

    Monty Moderator

    How can I find out what the hourly rate is for a freelance groom?

    Anyone on NR work as a freelance groom in North Wales/Cheshire? Anyone got any ideas ? I am looking for someone reliable and knowledgeable to hack Birdie out, and to help me out for lessons and competitions. Experience has taught me that young local girls, who think they know more than they do, are just not going to serve my purpose. I need a professional. Any ideas how I can go about ifinding someone please?
  2. Midnight_Ashes

    Midnight_Ashes New Member

    I would try and

    Not really sure how much a groom would cost to be honest, it's not a well paid job. I would think it would be less of a "by the hour" thing and more of a "by the job" ie X amount for schooling/hacking for a set time, X amount to prep for a show, X amount to accompany you to the show.

    I personally used to charge £10 to ride a horse for someone at my yard and £15 if I had to travel, (I wasn't a freelance groom...only charged to cover expenses *ahem*) this was for about 40 minutes schooling - I do have rider cover but I only rode for friends and liveries to help them out as I wasn't 'above board'. I do bits of tidying up, clipping etc for people and "to cover expenses" I charge
    £5 for a mane pull
    £10 for mane and tail pull and feather trim
    £20 for blanket or full clip, I don't do trace clips as I can't be bothered with lines! £25 if I have to travel to their yard and £15 if I use their clippers
    £15 to plait and tidy up tail and feathers/whiskers for a show

    I've never charged to accompany someone to a show as no one has ever needed it, my friend groomed for me at a County Show last year and I offered to pay her but she wouldn't accept (on the grounds that it was her idea that I attended - showing is not my thing!) so I bought her flowers and chocolates. This cost me about £35 which I thought was about right as I was only in one class so we weren't there long and I kept her in tea and bacon butties on the day :giggle:
  3. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    I used to work as a groom and got paid minimum wage.
  4. Libbyo

    Libbyo New Member

    Ill ask my friend. But its Southern rates. She does everything from drive the lorry to muck out....
  5. domane

    domane Well-Known Member

    Damn, I wish I lived closer, I'd LOVE to help you out... desperately looking for some horsey type of P/T work so I can leave the pub!

    (Just to clarify... I WORK at the pub, I don't spend my days there drinking.... :giggle:)
  6. eml

    eml Moderator

    Not sure about your area but an idea!!

    Basic .... do what I tell you.... mucker out minimum wage!

    Competent rider to exercise £10 per hour to £15 per hour depending on horse and whether you want literally physical exercise or an element of keeping schooling...also includes long reining/lunging

    Competent rider to school to improve £20+ per hour

    Competent groom to prepare for competition £15 per hour, plaiting/trimming/ clipping etc

    Travelling groom who also warms up horses around £50 per day

    If you employ a person full time then I would be looking at the equivalent of £15000 a year for a sole charge competent person who would be capable of schooling my competition horse down to minimum wage for basic supervised yard work.
  7. popularfurball

    popularfurball Learning all the time

    If you were closer I'd have loved to help ylou (though riding wouldn't be good enough!)

    As eml says though for ideas
  8. Monty

    Monty Moderator

    Thankyou all. One of the few DISadvantages of being in North Wales is that services like this are difficult to come by! But at least I have a few ideas now. Ok......doing a bit of lateral thinking people ever employ a groom/housekeepeer all rolled into one? Anyone ever had experiences of that......and if so, how did it work out?
  9. domane

    domane Well-Known Member

    Ack now you are just teasing.... I AM a bl88dy housekeeper! (when I'm not working at the pub :giggle:)

    Seriously, I'd LOVE a housekeeping/groom job so I'm sure you'll find someone, especially if you advertise on the websites listed above. Our employers gave up horses years ago but I've seen pics of when they had them.... in fact we live in the converted coach house and the stables are underneath our bedroom!
  10. eml

    eml Moderator

    When I was working in London I had a nanny/groom which worked fantastically...she also prepared evening meals for us and supervised the au pair's very basic duties....... but you really don't want to know how much it all cost!! Her package included personal use car , travel home every weekend and ensuite accomodation!!
  11. nat17

    nat17 Minnie, Sam and Dolly

    Could you call nags and nannies, they may have someone who fits the bill, they have a good reputation :wink:
  12. unicorn92

    unicorn92 New Member

    i live in wrexham, north wales the rate is genrally £6 per hour,
    i only know bcuz i was dong volentery work and he stables had a groom
  13. Sunshine-x

    Sunshine-x Well-Known Member

    £8-£15 an hour round here :)
  14. Lauzy

    Lauzy New Member

    Where are you Monty? PM if you'd prefer.
  15. popularfurball

    popularfurball Learning all the time

    This was back in August... :)

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