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Discussion in 'Mature Riders' started by horsey1, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. horsey1

    horsey1 New Member

    Hi guys
    My horse has just started napping with me whether in the school at the gate or took him along the road yesterday and he did it, I know i'm not the most confident rider and I am maybe a bit soft on him :eek:
    I get lessons every week and thought I was doing really well and have been taking him out along the road on my own before and did not do it.
    So need some advice peeps please :D
  2. toohorsemad

    toohorsemad Victor's Mummy

    Ok I'm not sure if these is correct but I think it is! I read that napping is the way horses explore with there mouth! I am probably wrong (dont quote me on it! :eek: ) but if you just push him away it might stop him napping, I don't think you should hit him or anything (as you can tell I go easy on horses aswell! :rolleyes: ) just tell me to stop it that your not another horse and you can't treat me as one! Thats what my trainer says that most horses treat owners like horses :D ! So I hope I'm right and I helped!
  3. LindaAd

    LindaAd Active Member

    Toohorsemad, I think you're talking about nipping, not napping :p

    As for the napping, horsey1, I'd guess that you are probably right and you are not being firm enough with him: he's discovered that he's in charge and he can do what he likes ... Maybe you need to think about taking a more positive contact, using your legs more, using a stick to back them up ... Have you talked about it with your instructor?

  4. Silvia

    Silvia New Member

    What exactly does your horse do? Stop, walk backwards, try to rush home ...? How did you deal with the situation ? How did he respond to your aids? was there a possible cause for him to behave like that? Something scary, feeding time or a field buddy calling to him?
    It is very important not to let him get away with this sort of behaviour, especially if you are not avery confident rider.
    Next time you take him out be prepared - bring a crop and plenty of determination. Maybe get someone experienced to come with you so they can instruct you or take over if your horse is really playing up. Dos he ever do it in your lessons? What does your instructor say?
  5. Millymum

    Millymum New Member

    if you are going to use a crop maybe a longer schooling whip would be better. you cant tap up behind your leg so you are reinforcing the leg aid and you dont need to take your hands off the reins.

    Use your voice as well. Change the tone of your voice and tell him to get on. and when he does it respond with a good boy in a nice soft tone.
  6. horsey1

    horsey1 New Member

    Thanks for the advice. :D
    Yes he does stop and starts backing up and turning also puts his head up, I tryed to turn him round but he was having none of it I do take a schooling whip out with me and I think i'm a bit scared to use it too hard as not sure what he will do :eek: thats proberly whats wrong there.
    I did manage to get him round on the left rein but he would not go on the right rein and i made him go forward for a few strides and I think my bottle had went by then :eek: so we went back to the stables.
    I feel I am going a backwards with my riding :(
  7. jinglejoys

    jinglejoys New Member

    If he wants to go backwards maybe you should let him ;) and when he stops wanting to go backwards don't take any notice keep making him go back untill youwant him to move forewards-above all don't let him turn his back on the problem and have pleanty of patience with him.
  8. horsey1

    horsey1 New Member

    Will give it a try thanks :D
  9. horsey1

    horsey1 New Member

    Well my sharer took him out today and he did the same to her at the same place, I dont feel so bad now as she is an experianced rider.
    But he is a cheeky s--- as he has only started this carry on, I dont know if the fact that he has moved into a new field with tons of grass has anything to do with it :(
  10. rabbit

    rabbit Devoted Clydie X owner

    I had the same problem with my horse. I tried to ride up to a gate at the front of the property and my horse decided that she didnt want to.

    She would stop, back up and generally misbehave. I was too scared to use the whip in case I got bucked off.

    I got a more experienced rider to jump on and he gave her a whack and my horse did a pigroot each time she got a smack with the whip. Eventually she got moving forwards and after going up to the gate, then back, then up to the gate a few times, I got on.

    My horse tried it out again with me, but having seen that she does nothing worse than a pigroot (Which is still really scary for me) I was able to use the whip effectively and after a few sessions going up to the gate and back, my horse decided to stop arguing with me.

    Each time the horse gets away with this evasive behaviour, it reinforces that bad behaviour = rider giving up, and no more work for the day.

    I know it can be really scary to deal with a nappy horse but its really important to sort it out before the horse learns to do it all the time.
  11. Mossy

    Mossy New Member

    The only way I have found stops napping long term in firm patience. You want to stop here, then fine BUT we will not go back, we will NOT spin. We will just stand here until you decide to move forward, at which point I will praise you muchly. Overuse of sticks and overly firm handling can make matters MUCH worse. However be ready for the horse to wise up to what you are doing and up the stakes from their end. Both of my two can have right paddies when they cannot have their own way. [Maybe plenty of seat glue :D :D] Working that way allows the horse to work out the problem for themselves, just in case they are scared of a genuine tiger that you have not seen. PS Don't forget that horses have long memories and a minor, to you, scare can have long lasting effects. Good luck.
  12. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony

    Captain has started this habit again after I thought we had really conquered it. But I have been advised to do some groundwork. Join up and/or Parelli. Then concentrate on working with him In Hand. Take him up the road for a graze. U don't need to go far. Then take him further the more confident you feel each day. Then transfer this into riding up the road alone. And go further when you are confident. However never let your horse dictate to you when you come home. I went out the other week ad Captain napped 5 times. I couldn't go home for ages!!!! Then decided I had to take him home a different route but meant crossing a very lethal road x2. Thankfully he had calmed down once he realised he hadn't won.!!! We got home safely. Good Luck and let us know how you get on. I will be keeping an eye on your progress and ideas as I am doing the same routine with Captain at the moment.
  13. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Do you have anybody you can take with you for moral support? OH who also rides, walked with me last night - my mare has just started being nappy when I want to go on hacks. Anyway, it boosted my confidence just knowing that if she did get naughty he could always clip the lead rope on her. He had to coax her forwards towards the lane at the end of the farm, we got there eventually - it took forever to do a short hack, but I felt great when I'd done it :D Like you, I'm not the most confident of riders and its a tad scarier when they do things out on the tarmac - it hurts enough falling off in the school :eek: ! I guess I was worried - thinking "what will she do if I put my leg on etc" but, the worst she did was put her ears back and head up for aminute - then went forward once she realised that between us, she was going to go forwards and that was that!!! Its difficult, but keep on trying - I'm going to try again later this week. My mare isn't used to hacking alone so its doubly difficult at the moment, but we'll get there.... :) Its strange, but she's fab to ride inthe school, if I can just get this bit sorted we'll be laughing :D
  14. horsey1

    horsey1 New Member

    Thanks NoviceNic
    Well had my instructor out this morning, and as I was tacking him up I noticed his bit was round the wrong way :eek: my sharer had taken the tack home just over a week ago to clean it, I cant believe I had never noticed it before now :( its a Myler french link so proberly felt more like a Dr Bristol poor Kinley, although it just shows what a great horse :D I have as all he done was napp.
    So sorted that and off we went the same way as he has been stopping he went no probs :D so really glad thats been sorted, then took him in a very large hay field (first time) and done some schooling and cantered up the hill what a feeling :D I am so chuffed as I now feel with the help of my wonderful instructor that i'm finally getting there, its a great feeling long my it last :D :D
  15. Sooty

    Sooty Active Member

    That's great news! Don't feel bad about the bit thing - I know someone esle that did exactly the same thing (if I remember rightly it has to have the curb chain holes at the top? other than that I believe it's quite hard to tell which way it should be). I'm sure no harm was done as he's obviously being a good boy now :)
  16. Sámie

    Sámie Luvin Gordey my horsey:)

    That happend to this lady that I went hacking with, hes too old to break the habbit now, she smacks him on the bum untill he walks forward, then hes not so bad after. But I dont really know about napping! Just stop it before it gets worse really!
  17. Kanuma

    Kanuma Banned

    have only read the first post so if its already been said im seorry.
    basicly the first thing to look for in a nappy pony is pain, haveing eliminated pain as a reason then you basicly have to be more stubborn then your pony dont let him win or he will do it every time.
    my mentality on this is 'if pony wont go forwards, fine, pony can go sideways instead, or backwards or round in tight circles until pony decides that going forward realy is the easiest way.' have had my arab fullpass his way down a road for about 300m because he wouldnt go forward he then decided that that was too much work and went forward nicely. anything that pony throws at you you have to sit and not let him win, by going back to the stables you teach him that if he stops then he gets out of the work, you want to be teaching him that if he doesnt do it the easy way then he will have to do it the hard way but eitherway he will be doing it!
  18. Sezza

    Sezza New Member

    Hi, cant resist, have to say it. Give Parelli a go. I have just started it because I wasnt confident with my horse, and he was napping, and being rather difficult to ride. Everyone, including his trainer, kept telling me to get tough with him, use the crop, dont let him get away with things. Now though after getting the Parelli 1 pack (advanced) everything just seems to make sense now. And their methods are much more suited to me, a very nervous rider, who hates being forceful.

    Napping is often a confidence/fear issue with horses. With mine I know it is. He is the type of horse that likes strong leadership (though is very quiet generally), and when he doesnt get it from me, he takes over, and tries to head back to his paddock where he feels safe and comfortable. Perhaps this is the case with your horse? He probably picks up on the fact that your not totally confident and in control, so wants to go back to where he feels safe.

    The ground work I have started with my horse is allowing me to forget about riding for awhile (and the stress and frustration of it) and already we are making progress and just having fun (after just a few sessions). Parelli sets you up with the knowledge and skills on the ground, so you build up the trust and communication with your horse. Then once you trust each other and are confident, riding isnt such a big deal, and things like napping arent a problem (or if they still occur occasionally you have the knowledge and skill to deal with it).
  19. pedilia

    pedilia New Member

    I agree with sezza, I had a massive problem with mine napping. First you have to establish why he is doing it, it is likely to be insecurity. build up your groundwork, althought totally sceptical we did join up. followed by weeks of longreining and leading in hand,plenty of grooming. builiding up his confidence in me.
    Eventually he learnt to trust me and hasn't napped since.

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