I did a cross country competition!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by pepsimaxrock, May 31, 2011.

  1. pepsimaxrock

    pepsimaxrock New Member

    - a hunter trial - at the weekend. It was such a tiny course and Max was a bit naughty - napping back to the start. But the organiser caught him and helped us over that jump and on our way... and it was great fun.
    I went with a young friend from the yard who did the mid height jumps - and then we did the pairs together at the higher level - with my friend leading me round.

    What a buzz - I still cannot believe I did it, nervous ,middle aged old me and my middle aged cross country machine xxx

    Some pics

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  2. pepsimaxrock

    pepsimaxrock New Member

    just a shame it was so windy I had to take off my hat silk

    Here's some of our practice session the day before as well - we are lucky to have an ex BE course at the yard

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  3. natural horse

    natural horse New Member

    Well done you. :dance: I used to take my mare and granddaughter to hunter trials and they loved them. It is good that they have different heights of fences too so that everyone can compete no matter what their or their horses experience. I just wish I had had my camera handy at the second hunter trial my mare did with granddaughter on board. Of course Milly my mare had done one hunter trial at this particulat location so knew that when she was stood waiting at the start gate a hooter would go before she could set off. She got so excited while waiting that she got her legs in a tangle and dropped to the floor with granddaughter on board then shot up again. Grandaughter still on board and Milly probably highly embarrassed.:redface: I was really proud of them though when they came 3rd out of 53 entrants at only their second attempt. :dance:
  4. Mary Poppins

    Mary Poppins Well-Known Member

    Wow, well done and great pictures. Your horse has a lovely jump.
  5. learningcurve

    learningcurve New Member


    You must be on cloud nine.:cloud9:
  6. bitsnpieces

    bitsnpieces Active Member

    go you!!!

    your boy looks like he's having a whale of a time!
  7. crinklesb

    crinklesb New Member

    Wow well done!! He does look like he is loving it, that's brilliant. And look at him cantering through the water, you should be very proud xxxxxx
  8. Ginger Thing

    Ginger Thing New Member

    Woohoo well done you! :dance: I didn't do xc until my late thirties so completely get where you're coming from :biggrin:
  9. devonlass

    devonlass New Member

    That looks fab fun,and huge respect to you for having the confidence to give it a go!!

    Never too old to try new things as they say!! Lovely pics and both looking great,bet you haven't stopped grinning yet:wink:

    O/T and just because I'm a nosy whatnot:redface:,is there any news on the sarcoid?? Was interested to hear what the mystery human product vet recommended was.Apologies like I said am just nosy,but is always good to know stuff for future reference,if you get a minute to update your other thread sure it would be useful for others and satisfy my curiousity lol

    Hope all is well on that front anyway,he certainly looks well in those pics anyway!!

    Well done again,be no stopping the pair of you now,look forward to pics of your next daring adventures:biggrin:
  10. juliecwuk

    juliecwuk Well-Known Member

    awww wow thats awesome!!!! well done you!
  11. Dannii5691

    Dannii5691 Owned by Ponies!

    Fab pics mrs!! The 3rd pic is a framed on the wall picture!
  12. Jane&Ziggy

    Jane&Ziggy Learning together!

    Oh that's great, well done! Your lovely boy looks as if he is enjoying himself.

    I particularly like the picture from behind, thundering towards the next jump! Awesome!
  13. pepsimaxrock

    pepsimaxrock New Member

    I like the one from behind too - we were thundering to the finish... its my profile pic on fb.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, friends. You've made me very happy - Max loves to jump, I couldn't just let him slide into retirement without a few more jumpies.
  14. tiga

    tiga New Member

    That's brilliant, congratulations. You both look like you are having a fabulous time.

    He doesn't look like he wants to give up jumping yet!
  15. caroline/halle

    caroline/halle New Member

    aw them pics make me miss ivesley i wish i was back there! max is looking fab!
  16. Kimmy C

    Kimmy C New Member

    Well done, you are too modest! You both look great. I have started doing incy wincy jumps at 53!!
  17. Pencilbeckett

    Pencilbeckett New Member

    Well done you your pics look fab :smile:

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