I don't know what to do :(

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  1. x.Moomoo.x

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    Okay so I've tried discussing this with so many different people.. family & friends and I still don't know what to do..

    Basically, I'm finishing my first year of A levels (so will just get AS') but don't particularly want to stay and do my last year there for several reasons.

    I really wanted to do a veterinary course at my local college as this is something i'd really enjoy - but at every college, before you do the veterinary course you have to be employed & have a secure placement at a vet practice, and everywhere I have asked have a 4/5 year waiting list!
    Obviously I can't do this, but I now have NO idea on what career to choose? I mean the loves of my life are my animals and horses, but my mum doesn't want me to get a career with horses as pay is low and thinks I should keep it to my hobby and something I can look forward to after work..

    WHAT SHALL I DO? Is there any careers involving horses that maybe don't involve hands on work? Maybe in an office or something?
    OR if you have ANY ideas on what careers I may enjoy? I'm pretty easy, I work well alone and in a team, quite confident so don't mind taking charge etc.

    I really am in a state of what to do, i've tried everything :( So thought maybe some of you guys may have any ideas on what I should try, or careers to head for? :/ helppp. Mary x
  2. sammi_j

    sammi_j just me....

    Hi I don't know how helpful this will be, but.. here goes

    I left college after doing just my AS levels and badly I must add as I was more interested in my 3 part time jobs and getting money than studying.. but when I left I went to the local college to look into apprenticeships I told them what I enjoyed and what I didn't and they got me a job as a graphic designer which suited me great and I am still doing now although for another firm, I also gained 3 NVQs in Business Admin and Customer services whilst there, the down side is the first year is usually very low pay but it gets you into a professional environment of your choice and you still get qualifications without having to go to college.. but maybe if you go and speak to your local college about apprenticeships they can look at all the things you like and suggest a possible career that you may now have even thought of, there can be no harm in asking them :)
  3. x.Moomoo.x

    x.Moomoo.x New Member

    Ah yeah that's probably a good idea cos they can give you more information I suppose. There is any open day on 14th May so i'll go to that and see what stuff they suggest.. Do you think I should go for something maybe not to do with animals and horses, and keep them to like, leisure etc.?
  4. sammi_j

    sammi_j just me....

    I would suggest keeping work and liesure seperate but thats just me, I used to love designing things in my spare time but after 3 years designing at work that has completely worn off I would never pick up my laptop to just play with ideas anymore like i used to, but it could be different for you...

    I would just look at all the options open to you don't rule aanything out.. I would even suggest phoning the college and asking for a one to one meeting with an apprenticeship advisor to talk you through everything rather than an open day where there are loads of people and you probably won't get a proper chance to talk to them :)
  5. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    Personally I'd always recommend keeping animals as a hobby. As for where to go - well, that depends on you! ;)

    Just to throw some career paths out there... You could go into the NHS (nursing, HCA, doctor if you're up to it, anything to do with a hospital), the forces (soldier, chef, medic, again, almost anything down that path, you just have to be willing to join the Army/Navy/Marines/RAF/the other one that I think I've forgotten :eek:), teaching (teaching assistant, teacher), shop (sales assistant, store management, clerical), office work (admin, office assistant), advertising, design, stock market, anything. Apart from actual vet, dentistry and doctor - You don't necessarily *need* a degree.

    What about doing vet nursing at uni? Or even doing your A levels, getting a job in a vet practice after school and waiting a while to do the course at college (what does this course let you do?)?
  6. x.Moomoo.x

    x.Moomoo.x New Member

    Thanks! Yeah I do want to keep them separate, as I know i'd appreciate it more when I got to spend time with the animals!

    Sounds silly but I don't know what I want lol! I'm suppose to have an idea but it's really difficult :/
    I've always been told I should do something involving teaching as I like to be in charge? Haha! But, I know nothing is gonna be easy but my sister is a teacher and she never has time to do anything she enjoys really! And I need a job which would at least give me time to see the horses etc.
    So maybe a teaching assistant is better? Hmmm..
  7. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    Seriously, do not worry about not knowing what you want to do! I had not got a clue when I was your age. OK, I lie. My career plans went: Age 5, policewoman, age 12, vet, age 14, policewoman, age 15, equine *something*, age 16, forensic scientist, age 17 psychologist, age 17 again forensic psychologist, age 18, languages teacher, and now I've got a job as an HCA (health care assistant) on an Emergency Assessment ward and am hoping to do paramedic training in about 5 years time!

    I would say though teaching assistant doesn't seem to be much of a career to me (?, please correct me if I'm wrong!), more of something that you do part time if you're pregnant/retired :eek: If you want to do something though, I would say do it and worry about the horses later because you'll hopefully find that your job does give you some free time!
  8. Julip

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    Just wondering, why is it that you dont want to finish your Alevels at the moment? Its only one more year and the time might allow you to decide more firmly what you do and dont like to do?

    Alternatively, take a year and try some stuff...you wont know what you do like till you know what you really dont like...it may be that working in an office turns out to be completely rubbish (did for me!) and you really like working with kids or something.

    I agree about teaching assistants not being a career exactly - its an interesting start but unless you do want to be a teacher it wont really get you that far on its own.

    As far as your sister (?) not having time being a teacher, that is true for a scary number of jobs, the key thing is to be organised, dont take on more than you can handle, and make time for the things you want to do - you get a lie in OR a morning ride, not both etc etc.

    I am very different to you in that I knew what I wanted to do (roughly) from a v young age, and it just got refined as I got older and now I'm writing up a PhD and about to start teaching at uni...its not entirely the route I had intended but ill see how it goes and if it doesnt work out will go and try something else :)

    Sorry, its got a bit long! Basically...go try stuff..apply for everything you think you "could" do and have a go, if you dont like it, try something else! Incidentally, did you think about publishing? Lots of horsey mags out there needing runners and things, it could turn into a career??

    Also, think carefully about stopping Alevels, if you find you need them later you will have to start again! :eek:

    Take care! JuliP x :)
  9. palmerlover52

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    My mum works full time as a one to one teaching assistant (with special needs kids). She finds it very very rewarding, and lovely long holidays, but on the flip side, gets talked down to because she's 'just' a teaching assistant, and some of the kids are FOUL.

    Have you thought about King's Troops, for horsey?

    I'd keep them seperate though. If you go to the connexions website, they have a huge section for careers and looking into them :)
  10. horseygal90

    horseygal90 Going

    Sorry, I didn't mean to offend, my Aunty used to be a teaching assistant and it's just what she said to me :) Plus my limited work as a kind of pseudo assistant teaching kids to read (which was SO much fun! loved it)...
  11. palmerlover52

    palmerlover52 New Member

    Oh no, wasn't offended! Just saying some people do....I know if she could turn back time she would have done A levels and Uni, but she wanted to get out earning, then got pregnant with my sister, so it never really happened! :p

    I wouldn't ever advise someone to have that a their career plan, it's fairly limited unless you're going to go on to be a teacher.

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