I was brave today

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by No_Angel, May 18, 2011.

  1. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    I was brave today and took Mr Shay out for a solo hack in the rain. I haven't been out hacking on my own properly for a few years,it was really nice being able to go out and not have to worry about him upsetting anyone else or checking they were ok all the time. :happy:

    I used my new split reins and they were much better shorter, actually easier to shorten and slip than my loop reins.
    He was lovely and calm on the way out, although we had a little I don't want to go any further at the top of the long steep hill but I just waved the end of my reins at him and he trogged on.
    He did his stonking trot/foxtrot gait thing under the bridges and then we have a lovely sideways canter down the bridlepath and almost ran over a man and his dogs going back towards the road as Shay was jogging a bit and obviously barefoot horses are the ninjas of the horse world as he couldn't hear us on the path till we got up fairly close behind him.
    He then proceeded to do a stonking trot/gait thing all the way home and pulling me and cantered up the steep hill even though I told him not to, we then finally after a bit of discussion got a walk on a long rein on the way home, where he had some lovely grass and a handfull of chaff :angel:

    I'm very pleased with him, I was at least expecting a couple of bucks down the bridleway as we haven't been out for a canter for a while, but he seems to save all those up for when we are with someone else. :giggle:
    I will def be aiming to take him out on his own again and maybe go for a longer ride and some more canters.

    A couple of pics from when we got home
  2. Cortrasna

    Cortrasna Grumpy old nag

    Glad he was such a good boy - have to say your saddle looks like a comfy armchair -is it very comfy?:happy:
  3. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    It is very comfy. I am like the princess and the pea with saddles and can feel every lump, bump and crease under the seat and it bruises me, this is the only saddle I have had that hasn't been lumpy and bruised me.
    It is quite wide when you haven't ridden in it for a while, but it doesn't feel wide to me at all now, and I don't even miss my knee rolls much anymore, and I used to love huge knee rolls on saddles :happy:
  4. Joyscarer

    Joyscarer New Member

    I have to say that for me nothing beats going out without other people. I'm dead anti-social anyway but I do love having no distractions and it just being Joy and I. Mind you, it can ver very embarrassing when we unexpectly come up on wlaker/cyclists and there me talking like a numpty to Joy or doing very poor animal impressions :giggle:
  5. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    Ah yes I was talking to Shay all the way around discussing Trec obstacles and how much the grass has grown lately :giggle:
  6. Emma and Spirit

    Emma and Spirit New Member

    Aww well done No_Angel glad you enjoyed yourself :p Lovely horse btw!
    gotta be nosey n ask tho what is the fancy white knotted thing? Is it just a lead rope tied up fancy or?
  7. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    It's his leadrope tied up :happy:
  8. nat17

    nat17 Minnie, Sam and Dolly

    Well done, sounds like an eventful ride but one you both enjoyed which is after all why we have them:happy:
  9. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    For Shay it was pretty non eventful :giggle:
  10. Trewsers

    Trewsers Well-Known Member

    Brilliant - and yes, your saddle does look comfy. My OH would love that!!!
  11. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    The saddle is a Torsion Duo, with the leathers set in 'hard use' style (attached to the top and bottom).
    I'm using a Christ Lamfelle fully lined saddle pad and Thinline pad between,Barefoot sheepskin seat, Mattes platinum cinch and sheepskin breastplate covers on the stirrup leathers :happy:
  12. Fi.

    Fi. New Member

    How lovely!
    I also went out on my own today after work and really enjoyed it. I like riding with my regular friends, but it is really nice when its just Rosa and me. She is so responsive as she is only listening to me and I can give her my full attention. :inlove:
    Definitely worth overcoming and persevering through all those tricky moments in the past. :biggrin:
    Well done for using the split reins, I love mine now.
  13. juliecwuk

    juliecwuk Well-Known Member

    awww thats super!

    love the look of Shay and all his gear!

    I went out solo this eve for a quick 20 min trot round the block, i am really starting to enjoy solo hacking, plus its nice to not have to be so reliant on others :)
  14. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    He does look like an endurance pone in all his gear, especially with his tail in the air doing his power trot.:giggle:
  15. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    :) great stuff :D
  16. Pencilbeckett

    Pencilbeckett New Member

    Love your tack your saddle looks so comfy.

    Must be the day for hacking alone :happy: Well done for getting out and about. Especially for a canter your so brave :smile:
  17. No_Angel

    No_Angel New Member

    Thank you :happy:

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