Icelandics doing dressage?

Discussion in 'Competing' started by Spiggly, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Spiggly

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    Dec 11, 2006
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    If you had an icelandic horse with clearly defined gaits (ie will walk/ trot/ canter/ tolt/ pace on demand), is there any reason why you cannot do well in dressage?

    Most icelandics have good uphill movement and step through from behind (they have to for the tolt). And yet everyone i have asked has said that they will score poorly and i shouldnt bother as i wont win :confused:. One comment i had was 'why would i want to get an icelandic when you cant do dressage on them'.:mad:

    If my horse is able to perform a test in the correct gaits and accurately, is there any reason why I wouldnt win over a warmblood/ tb/ cob type?
  2. Lacetti

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    I'd go for it. There's no reason why your Icelandic should be poorly marked for being a specific breed! If he produces a balanced and accurate test, then why not.

    Go for it and have fun!! :D
  3. mu0ljk

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    I don't see why the breed should make a difference as long as you don't tolt down the centre line! :p

    I would be interested to see what others say. :)
  4. KT C

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    Jan 24, 2007
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    There are a few Icelandics that regularly compete at the local riding club - they take part in dressage and sj - not sure how they fair in the placings against some of the bigger horses, but horses and riders seem to have great fun.
  5. Wally

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    Apr 16, 2000
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    The problem is...... (shrrup Frances!) that Icelandics have a certain way of going, they do do very good clear trots when they do, but dressage judges don't seem to like the way they go, an Icelandic trots like and Icelandic even a 3 gaited one has a certain je ne sais quoi, that judges who don't know mark down.

    Doing dressage against each other is interesting and is very popular,
  6. horseygal90

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    Aug 27, 2004
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    If you ever watched ER (the first 10 seasons, lol) Dr Carter was well known around his rich friends for riding an Icelandic pony in a dressage test when he was a teenager :p
  7. LokiSofi

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    Oct 11, 2003
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    There was one near us who got thrown out of a ridden class as judge said he was lame (she also thought it was a poor example of a highland pony:rolleyes: ) I tihnk they are fantastic horses. Go for it. you don't know unles you try:D
  8. ShariN

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    May 26, 2006
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    There is a Bay Icelandic Gelding by the name of Johann in the US on the westcoast, that is doing very, very well in dressge. Beats the pants off those big warmbloods.:D

    I think some Icelandic's can compete and do well. But you do have to look for very clear gaits.
    The mare I sold.. would of been great at it but the Grey I have right now..would not.

    Have taught my Grey mare basic dressage so far and she can tolt shoulder in shoulder out... even half pass... but it doesn't look quite the same,, as a trotting only horse.

    Now I personally think Dressage should be taught to all horses.

    The Orri/Hrafn cross seems to be able to do Dressage well.
  9. CER1389

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    Find one with clearly defined gaits and there is no reason what so ever why you can't be placed. 4 gaited are normally clearer than a 5 gaited.

    Al, next time Nev comes over, come with her and meet our guys :D We dressage 3 out of the 4 of them. Admittedly only unaffiliated, but thats because it's local. With a lot of lessons the mare could affiliate. Currently on my wall I have a 3rd and a 4th from dressaging icelandics. If the horse is going correct and produces an accurate test then the combiantion should not be marked down. Icelandics only look lame when they become 4 beat, or go into piggy pace. The only prejudice you can get is the "adults on ponies" prejudice. The judge at my last competition adored the little gelding. Because he's accurate and sweet. We don't work in an outline, which is why we didn't win. But he's responsive and off the leg. None of ours have a hugley flamboyant action.

    I'm going down to London on wednesday to have a lesson on the mare with a classical dressage trainer down there (my 18th birthday pressie) I'll arm my normal instructor (whose treating me) with my camera and make sure I get loads of pictures to show you!

    For the record, get an icey at World Championship level (;)) and they have more movement than most things at elementary, harnessed into dressage rather than competition (which obviously with this kind of movement is a breeders first priority) then there would be no stopping them!



  10. *IcyRider*

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    May 31, 2008
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    Ahhhh jarl (the chestnut horse) god he's amazing!I think he was sold for something mad like 500,000!

    I really think him and Sól should meet :p

    Anyway getting back to the subject!

    Isnt dressage about big movements,aids etc... So why isit people turn their noses up at icys?!

    I look at normal horses now and just think there boring when they move!I have a friend who has a show cob and she was on about his 10 inch ground clearence the other day and how high and amazing it was.God did i laugh as i showed her a pic of Sól with at least 2ft clearence!

    Mind you thats nothing compared to some of the horses at the worlds!

    And when people think there lame!AGHHHHHHH!

    Im planning on having ago at dressage next year with Sól (all things being ok with the leg).It going to be interesting to see how people react and what marks are given.Il let you know!

    ( jealous!Lesson with a goodun pfff)!

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