Indoor Trec competition from the weekend

Discussion in 'Other Disciplines' started by Rips, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Rips

    Rips Active Member

    Our first go at some indoor Trec.

    Had a new floor put in my trailer during the week. Boxed Mocha up straight from the field and took her along, so she looks dreadful :eek: badly in need of a mane pull! But no mini disasters this week, we took a slight detour on our way there, but no big deal, got there in time. My little brother was bored on a sunday afternoon, so he came along, and has decided he wants to come to all of them! And start to ride :cool: (he took the regular video footage)

    There was a lot of waiting around ... and no proper warm up. I stole into the SJ warmup arena for a bit, but then we had to queue in the collecting ring for awhile with the horse rugged up to keep her muscles warm. As a result, she was actually asleep when we went in!

    She broke in canter in the COP to do her 'pre-excitement poo' :rolleyes: (we do pre-excitement poo's before loading in the trailer, or in the warmup, or collecting ring for competitions) ... and didn't really get into any sort of gear until the first jump, which was near the end of the 1st round of obstacles.

    But when she did wake up, she did so well, that we managed to come 5th!

    She was still a little sluggish compared to her usual form, so I'm looking back now and seeing all our faults - but still chuffed that she scored well.

    In round 1 we scroed 75/100 ... mostly because, even though she was sluggish, she still did everything, lost points for being lazy, tipping poles/style ... that sort of thing.

    And round 2 we scored 57/60 ... only just losing style points for our reinback, and the jump (which was half a foot high and only worth hurdling as far as Mocha is concerned!)

    COP was a dismal 5/60 :lol:

    We were the only competitors to brave cantering the slalom indoors, and the canter corridor - which would usually be fine, but it was sandwiched in between the reinback corridor and the ridden S-Bend, which are both walk obstacles.


    My dad came to watch - he probably hasn't seen me riding Mocha in 4/5 years since our jumping days ... he said he didn't know she had a reverse gear :tongue:

    Just need a little more oompf and some focus and we should be flying!
  2. Wally

    Wally Well-Known Member

    The more I see of this the more I think it is what we are made for!

    WE will have to make some indoor and out door courses here
  3. popularfurball

    popularfurball Learning all the time

    It's great fun Wally and is a more genuine test of partnership I think :) even though we've never done it before we were very welcome despite pony running off and refusing to be caught!!!!!

    Looks like you had a lovely day!
  4. MissMare

    MissMare New Member

    That looks great- I can see you two get on well :)

    I've always wanted to give Trec a go but never got round to it.

    PFB- where did you go? It might still be the closest to me- being in the middle of nowhere :help:
  5. popularfurball

    popularfurball Learning all the time

    Friezland Arena - its hacking from us- and only a "fun" day - i.e. not towards tree champs etc - but fab first go. They are having a clinic in a few weeks but first madam got lami and now my cars been written off so can't go - it was a video tuition day too :(
  6. tiga

    tiga New Member

    That's great. You are both really good on the obstacles. Reinback through poles usually gets us.

    Trec is brilliant. I am looking forward to this year and hopefully we will be able to find some control in the COP!
  7. KarinUS

    KarinUS Active Member

    Never heard of that before but that does look super fun! Well done :)
  8. Rips

    Rips Active Member

    You definitely should - it really is great fun. I thought it would be very 'simple' and not challenging enough to be fun. But the technicalities make it challeneged - and the orienteering adds an extra element to the simple pleasure of 'hacking'.

    And we are still doing level 1 - so its not that easy!
    We could probably move up, but we haven't done that much actual competition yet - I still need to see the '10's ' on the score sheet for a while. :tongue:

    It would be too depressing to go back and start just getting '1's' again (usually what you get if you do something, but not very well!!)

    And, I don't get to ride frequently enough, so Mocha isn't up to doing the extra miles in the upper levels.

    Thanks - she usually really enjoys it - she was a little lack lustre compared to her usual. Our reinback was a bit forced!

    Thats the other thing aswell - I used to think she was quite well rounded - we did a lot of different disciplines - but it wasn't until Le Trec that I realised there were alot of things - she 'didn't do'

    At that competition, it was the first time she had done the 'led reinback' ... we'd never even practiced it before, but she is much more into listening now as I'm asking some unexpected things from her.
    You aren't supposed to use your hands, and they have to go back a full bodylength, straight and correct (and not touch the poles) with no hesitation.

    One of the main things that was new for us, was the leading obstacles - I actually have a massive fear of leading in trot the way you need to in Trec. (infront of the horse) ... I was sure she would hamstring me!! And yeah, for a while it was a little hairy, she still has a tendancy not to stop until she is right up breathing down my neck ... but she caught on amazingly quickly ... and now keeps pace behind me, and does the obstacles well.

    Thanks - she's good with not touching poles - but we need to work on getting a little bit more engagement!

    Its originally french - a 3 phase competition that involves an orienteering phase (bit like endurance, with a map!) an obstacle phase ... which is on the video, but its usually outdoors on a big open course. And control of paces (fast walk/slow canter - timed) Usually run over two days.
  9. Dawny

    Dawny New Member

    wow would love to give this a go. How do I start?????????????????
  10. Nookster

    Nookster Active Member

    Well done! Its great fun isn't it :dance: i just find the training and the comps really chilled and enjoyable!

    Do agree on how you can really bond getting through the different phases with your horse and trying things you wouldnt normally think of doing but see the benefit as you complete them.

    I do love the COP :biggrin:
  11. Rips

    Rips Active Member

    Get in touch with BHS Trec or similar.

    You need very little really to start. You might need some equipment for the POR (orienteering phase) but some of which you may already have, or can make.

    A flourescent tabard and some hi-viz for the horse. Headcollar and leadrope, hoofpick, mapholder (a ziploack bag with a bit of string on it will do) ... a medical armband - I used to just slide my details into the plastic pocket of my drivers licence and tape it to my leg :p, a compass and a whistle.
  12. Rips

    Rips Active Member

    I just find the scoring a little bit frustrating - we did better this time around, and I felt our canter was great, yet we scored better for our walk... which was just our 'normal' walk ... as I didn't push it and risk the '0'!
  13. learningcurve

    learningcurve New Member

    Well done, you made it look so easy :biggrin:
  14. Nookster

    Nookster Active Member

    We seem to be the opposite to you guys, we get our better mark for canter and less for walk :help: but its something to keep working at and i think thats half the fun!!:happy:

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