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Discussion in 'Dressage & Classical Training' started by denisextilly, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. denisextilly

    denisextilly New Member

    Our local riding club is planning on a few dressage shows this winter,my daughter would love to have a go but we have no idea what is involved in a test.Could anyone give us an idea about what she would have to :D;)
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. denisextilly

    denisextilly New Member

    :eek: No dressage experts on here today :(
  3. misskuke

    misskuke New Member

    Sorry, I only have Into B :(
  4. Lobelia Overhill

    Lobelia Overhill New Member

    Intro A is walking and trotting, possibly a couple of 20m circles and a halt ... not totally sure myself!
  5. sophie33

    sophie33 Active Member

    This is Intro A from 2008, don't know if it changed this year. I've not yet done either, but I think A looks a bit harder than Intro B. All walk and trot though:

    BD Introductory Test A (2008)

    1: A Enter in working trot
    Proceed down the centre line without halting
    C Turn right

    2: B Circle right 20 metres diameter

    3: B Working trot
    bet. B&F Transition to walk (1 horse length)
    Proceed in working trot

    4: E Half circle right 10 metres diameter to X
    X Half circle left 10 metres diameter to B

    5: bet. B&M Transition to walk (1 horse length)
    Proceed in working trot

    6: E Circle left 20 metres diameter

    7: bet. K&A Transition to medium walk

    8: FXH Change the rein at free walk on a long rein
    (Double score)

    9: H Medium walk
    C Circle right 20 metres diameter
    Bet. X&C Transition to working trot

    10: MXK Change rein in working trot

    11: A Down the centre line
    X Medium walk

    12: G Halt immobility salute
    Leave the arena in walk on a long rein where appropriate
  6. denisextilly

    denisextilly New Member

    Thankyou all for the help :D
    especially you sophie 33 must have took you ages to type all that:eek:or is it just me that's slow:rolleyes::D
  7. sophie33

    sophie33 Active Member

    No worries! I had it on computer so just cut and paste it ;)

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