It's finally coming together!

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by Shetlander, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Shetlander

    Shetlander Member

    Just had to share this with everyone out there coz I'm really excited but no one at home understands...

    Today I got on Prince for just a short schooling session and had a go at the canter transitions we've been working on.... and hey presto we got it first time!

    It went so well that we did a couple of rounds on each rein then went on to doing 20m circles in canter - YEE HAH!!

    It's only taken us 2 months to get to this since I had a nasty fall when he bolted so it just goes to show the benefits of going back to weekly lessons and lots of groundwork.

    My RI has been brilliant and even taught me to lunge him so that I could work him even when my ankle was healing and I couldn't ride.

    I can't WAIT to get back on him for some schooling tomorrow before we have a hack - just hope I can do it again to show my RI!!!
  2. liz_scarlet

    liz_scarlet New Member

    Woohoo!!!! :-D Love hearing about your progress it gives me hope :giggle:
  3. tiga

    tiga New Member

    That's great. It feels amazing when something clicks and it works.

    Took us ages to get canter transitions right and we still struggle on his weaker rein.
  4. Orcad-Ian

    Orcad-Ian New Member

    Tremendous, well done!

    It's a great feeling when stuff comes together; I recently got the exact same feeling with the exact same thing. I now worship the RI who helped me sort myself out as a kind of minor god!
  5. sjp1

    sjp1 Well-Known Member

    Fantastic, thats just brilliant - gives us all hope
  6. Shetlander

    Shetlander Member

    Thanks everyone :biggrin: It's brilliant to tell people who really GET it.

    Ian, well done you too... and I know what you mean about the RI - I've written mine a testimonial for her website and it reads like she rescued me from rock bottom :bounce:

    What's your next move? Mine is to practise simple changes (apparently!) so I canter a figure of 8 and go down to trot at the centre of the school and change the rein then back to canter. Phew! Think this could take quite some time:redface:

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