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Discussion in 'Natural Horsemanship' started by Jay.o, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Jay.o

    Jay.o New Member

    Its finally here, yes.
    This morning it arrived. I recieved my natural hackamore, halter, carrot stick and savvy string. I ordered the partnership package which included all this and the 12foot line too. That is yet to come - they are 'out of stock.' But for some reason, i have another 6 foot savvy string - so i got two lol

    Well, now the parelli can begin - this weekend :D
  2. Alibi

    Alibi Here, there & everywhere

    The fun will really begin now!!!

    Parelli UK are really good at doubling up on orders, so far they have sent me 3 copies of the free intro DVD and 2 copies of the Natural Beginning video!!

    I got my 22' line on Monday, its still very clean, but that should change at the weekend!!!

    Jay.o. if my old memory serves me right, did you say you lived in Cheshire? Are you a member of the Savvy club too??
  3. Jay.o

    Jay.o New Member

    I am a member, yes. But I live in Berkshire, near Reading.

    I tried on her halter - it works lol (surprise surprise) :rolleyes: The carrot stick is a bit big for my liking though. Being just 5 foot its nearly as tall as me and hard to hold or place in your belt loop, like Pat demonstrates ;)
  4. Hyper

    Hyper New Member

    Near Reading.......ah 'pm' on the way.

    I just I'll PM you.
  5. Alibi

    Alibi Here, there & everywhere

    The old memory must be passed its sell by date!!

    Get in touch with your local community, its a really helpful tool and should accelerate your learning. If you haven't got one, get a password from the Parelli office, then you can get onto your community webpage.

    You will probably fumble aroung with the rope, the carrot stick and everything at first, i know i did, but they soon become part of you! (and i'm only 5ft2!)

    Don't try to be too much like Pat, the problem with the Level 1 video is that he uses a Level 3 horse and you try to be like how its on the video and it just doesn't happen! The best tip i was given was that Level 1 doesn't have to be perfect, you pefect it all in Level 2. So don't spend too long on L1, get it video'd and post it off. If you can get on a course too, that really speeds it all up!

    Good luck, update us how you do / find it all.

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