Jump cross training pics of the flying elephant

Discussion in 'Jumping' started by Lucyad, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    ..from a couple of weeks back.

    Any tips or comments welcome (I am thick skinned and trying to improve!).




    He was a bit worried abaout fitting through this skinney!



    I think I lean forward and fold too much, and should move my hands more relitive to my body, instead of letting my whole body move forward. What do you think? Any other tips? (apart from 'pull that horse's mane!!!').
  2. Sammii

    Sammii New Member


    Those pictures are excellent, i'm still LOL'ing and the first and third picture at his mane. :D
  3. palmerlover52

    palmerlover52 New Member

    Wow at the mane :D In some it looks as though you are leaning on the neck a little? Might just be the angle though :)

    I love your expression in the skinny jump ;)
  4. posie

    posie Honey's slave...

    no tips from me i'm afraid - just thought i'd say great pics! and gorgeous horse! x
  5. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    Thanks - I am hanging onto the mane in most of the pics actually! It is very handy, especially as his jump has a very pronounced 'backwards' bit as he takes off sometimes! I know I should use a neck strap, but hey, it's pulling a little bit of his mane at least!:eek:
  6. posie

    posie Honey's slave...

    oooh - do have a tip - if you ever want to sell him call me! ;) hehe
  7. BabyBear

    BabyBear New Member

    I'm by no means an expert at jumping but I've found that I jump much better when I put less effort into going forward if that makes sense???

    When ever I think about folding forward I end up on Casper's neck but when I just sit and go with him this doesn't happen but then we're still jumping small (2ft straight is our max) and Casper is a no neck monster who likes to throw his head down when he lands so that may not work for everyone.

    You look good though - you're much braver than me - and leave that horse's mane alone - he's like a big punk rocker in that first one!:D:D
  8. Sarah_Sayers

    Sarah_Sayers New Member

    Love his mohican!!!

    HAYLEY GITTOES Shropshire lass....!

    I totally agree
  10. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    Thanks everyone for kind comments on the big heffalump!

    I do feel comfortable and balanced while jumping, but also notice that I seem to look too far forward in pics - as my horse has a tendency to lean on his forehand I think I should sit up straighter, particularly in the approach and landing phases - it is very hard to do though! I think that when I get a chance to do grids in lessons this helps, though even then I must confess to finding it very difficult to sit up between bounces - I ned up just tucking up for the whole grid:eek:. Any tips? (other than tying my hair to his tail or something:confused:)
  11. ~*sugarlump*~

    ~*sugarlump*~ rather be riding...

    they are lovely pics, nd what a nice horse you have :)

    from the angle of the pics i cant tell much, but i would say bring your bum back abit in the saddle, to bring your weight back. i think it might help to shorten your stirrups abit as i always find that a whole lot easier to go with the horse.
    also in the approach remember to really sit on your bum to get him pushing more from behind, this means that if he were to put in a last minute stop you wouldnt go flying over the handle bars...ive done that a few times and you certainly do learn to sit on your bum after :p;)

    but you do look really good and hes a nice looking horse:)
  12. sarah edwards

    sarah edwards New Member


    really good pictures and from a teachers point of view you both look fantastic together your position looks really good and comftable for the bth of you well done
  13. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    Thanks everyone! Good point re. stirrups - well spotted! They are my flatwork leathers - they are at the top hole for flatwork (short legs!) and I haven't got round to punching holes for jumping in them (lovely expensive Jeffries - can't really bring myself to!) - I forgot to change into my jumping length ones, and a twist felt uneven - I must just take the plunge and buy a hole punch.
  14. No tips sorry because i'm a jumping dunce (i end up on the floor or getting carted off with more often than not :eek:;)) but just had to say he is such a stunner :eek::D!
  15. Skippys Mum

    Skippys Mum New Member

    Beat me to it about hiking the stirrups up a hole but wow, that mane is awesome:D.

    Looks like great fun was had and he is gorgeous:D
  16. Wotsit

    Wotsit New Member

    Yup, you need to use more hairgel - the mane looks a little flat in some of those pictures:p

    Apart from that I'm very jealous. WIsh I could jump that well (well at all without trying to kill the horse I'm on!)
  17. Flash Harry

    Flash Harry New Member

    No tips from me either, but you both look like you`re having so much fun and enjoying it, can`t be doing alot wrong!
  18. Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden Koumpounophobic?

    Looking good ;) If you had an out-and-out jumping saddle you would probably find it easier, your moving quite a lot in the saddle to stay with him - when you take off your fold is quite exaggurated, then as he lands you are shoving your bum right back, so it almost looks like you have been left behind, even though you haven't. If you had a more forward cut saddle with the stirrup bars further forward your legs would also be further forward, so you wouldn't need to shove your bum back so far to stop yourself getting in front of his movement, if that makes sense :confused: I did the same thing when I had a working hunter saddle for Mrs P. Did you find your position felt any different when you had your old GFS?

    The other thing is that you are doing a crest release, which IMO does pull you further forward & out the saddle, so your body moves more over a fence. I prefer to release in line with the horse's mouth because it's easier to stay still & concentrate on keeping a balanced position, without moving about too much.

    He is a very handsome chap & looks like he's jumping beautifully for you, so these are really just observations, I wouldn't say you need to change anything much :)
  19. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    Thanks! I wonder if I grew his mane long enough if I could actaully do a release in line with his mouth, while still hanging on:eek::eek:! I have SUCH a bad habit of hanging on to his mane it is terrible. I have always had this problem - before I stopped riding for 20 years, on my old SJ pony, I actually hogged her to stop me doing it! Needless to say this isnt a route I shall be going down with Oscar. And I must say that often when he takes a flyer I am glad I have a handfull - he has such a backwards thrust to his jump sometimes that I would be worried about jabbing him in the mouth otherwise!

    I actually find my new saddle company saddle infiately better for everything than my old GFS (apart from bum blisters:eek:). I had the pro event and while an amazing saddle for all day hacking, I found it very insecure in comparison to my new saddle. It probably didnt help that it was rather too big for me - so I had loads of room for me, and my legs, to slided about.

    One day I will trade it in for a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle, but i dont think the height (or standard of flatwork) justify it quite yet, and I wanted to make sure that it suited Oscar before shelling out for 2. Seems fine so far, so this is a definite possibility for the future. Will sort out the stirrup leathers now though - they are far too long - my RI would shout at me if he saw these pics!!!

    Thank you all for you kind comments though - we appreciate it - Oscar especially, because you have all earned him a repreve from the dreaded mane pulling, so he can continue to sport a mohican to be proud of!!!
  20. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    I must admit that the nicest comments I have got at shows are that people come up and comment on how we are both obviously having such a great time - which we are!!! Doesn't help the fact that I talk (loudly) to him all the way round, and can;t help but to exclaim ''WEEEeeeeee!!!'' when he does a nice jump:eek::eek:!!!

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