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Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by Trewsers, May 26, 2011.

  1. Trewsers

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    Well, two things. I HAVE to share. Yesterday, I rode Storm (big wow:redface:) butthen in a moment of madness took her for a hack! Joe came with us - but I led and it was brilliant.:happy: Didn't go far - but the main thing was I felt fine, no jelly legs! She was funny, trying to snatch the grass though - but I am working on the theory that so long as her head is going down, she's happy:giggle: It is when she is doing her giraffe impression we have trouble......
    Then, (drum roll) we rode this morning and I didn't bother wearing my bp! (It is usually a palava getting myself ready) I just hopped on (haven't done that for so long) and rode in the school, and it was pouring with rain, and she did her dog shaking itself impression:giggle: So, confidence, do not let me down!!! I am hoping it will stick around enough to do the "proper" hack that OH and used to do. Finished now - just wanted to share.:giggle:
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    Awh fab mrs! Puts you in such a good mood for the rest of the day doesn't it - may seem small, but I know how huge a deal this is. Well done you and Stormy:smile:
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    *thumbs up*!!
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  5. CMP

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    Well done! :biggrin:
    I think what you have done is exactly the right way to do it... don't plan anything.. just do it when you have the urge!!
  6. Trewsers

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    Thanks guys! It is keeping me going, got a horrid appointment tonight (well, OH has) at the specialist after work. Not looking forward to the out-come, as his health problem has got a bit worse and I am imagining all kinds of diabolical treatments. I just keep thinking about my horses in times like this, really takes my mind off it all.

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