Keeping lower leg still in rising trot

Discussion in 'Training of the Rider' started by ~*sugarlump*~, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. ~*sugarlump*~

    ~*sugarlump*~ rather be riding...

    My lower leg is fine in walk, sitting trot, canter and jumps, however when I do rising trot it tends to jiggle about abit :eek: In the words of my friend "you have jelly legs in riding trot" :rolleyes:
    I usually do sitting trot when doing lateral or anything slightly technical, but just wondering what I can do to make my lower leg abit more stable in rising trot? I'm going to be doing alot more no stirrup work and maybe some bareback but just wondering if there's anything else?
    I want to start using the impulse spurs for lateral etc so I need to sort this out. The spurs will only be used in rising trot when my friend who is an instructor, and myself are positive I have the stability in my lower leg to use them :)

  2. xloopylozzax

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    stand in your stirrups in all the paces- like jumping position or 2-point thing.

    cant find anything as good for that problem :D
  3. ~*sugarlump*~

    ~*sugarlump*~ rather be riding...

    Ahhh yes, how did I forget that? Having a blonde moment I think :eek: :p
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    Is it because you're trying to get him to go forward? or you can't actually keep them from moving?

    I've noticed my legs move alot in rising trot because I'm putting too much effort into keeping my pony moving, but if I stop trying so hard they don't move much (then he starts slowing down :p)
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    My link not working properly, but same vid.:confused:
  9. ~*sugarlump*~

    ~*sugarlump*~ rather be riding...

    Thanks guys, that's great :)
    After looking at some pics and vids from yesterday, I think that one of the reasons may be that I always have really long stirrups. So I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it :confused: but will definately have a looksy at the Heather Moffet and try stranding in my stirrups
  10. sarahandbronson

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    If your stirrups are pretty long, then try shortening them a few holes - my legs go all over the place if I ride too long :eek:
    Also, try to lower your rising when you're trotting - I don't know if this is the same with everyone, but alot of people that I see rising a bit high in their trot also have pretty unstable lower legs - maybe the two go together?

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