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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by kayjayhorses, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I've been using a wintec gp on my youngster, I personally hate them but my saddler fitted it to her and as she was newly backed she was changing shape so the saddle was ideal and it did fit well.

    Now I know how she behaves under saddle I want to get a leather dressage saddle, now I know every saddle has its pro's and con's but my saddler has suggested a Kent and Masters dressage saddle as its still changeable, but when your spending alot of money i really do want to be sure of which 'make' I try. I have an Albion on one of my other mares fits her perfectly, never have any back issues and it suits my bum, but I know some people have concerns at how they 'were' made. Then the Keiffer I'm sure someone on here said they can cause a lump behind the withers?? How about Bates or Ideal?? I would like to try a few to see what fits us both but really just don't know where to start?
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    Bates Saddles

    I dont have experience of the others you mentioned, but once thought a Bates would be brilliant for horses that change size, and it was a lovely saddle, but didnt fit the horse for long as it isnt just the wither that changes in young horses and that is the only bit that can be adjusted (or used to be). I wouldnt have anything else against them except the fact that I thought it would always fit and didnt, so another reasonably expensive saddle to add to the pile of ones that didnt fit!
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    I have a Kent and Masters saddle for Arnie and absolutely love it. Everyone seems to admire it here!

    We started with the xxxw gullet and now have xxw as Arns lost weight.

    I have the cob version which is VSD cut so comfy for hacking but also good for schooling and puts you in a nice position.

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