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Discussion in 'Veterinary and Injuries' started by redfoxylady, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. redfoxylady

    redfoxylady New Member

    Hi, my horse has started to rest his near hind a bit more than normal and very occasionally he lifts it up for less than a second. there is no heat or swelling and cannot spot any lameness. He is happy for it to be flexed and stretches.
    will rest him for a week with some bute for now but will get a vet out if persists. Anybody had similar symptoms? if so what was it?
  2. joosie

    joosie Well-Known Member

    I would go without the bute to be honest. That way if there is any discomfort there he will be able to show you!
  3. Lauzy

    Lauzy New Member

    Sonny did this with Thrush. He also took to stamping his infected hoof.
  4. redfoxylady

    redfoxylady New Member

    Hi Lauzy, thats interesting as he has had thrush in his front off, he has very deep clefts so have to do regular cleaning and flushing with dilute hydrogen peroxide to keep clean. would be great if it was something that simple, did clean out about a week ago, looked a bit soggy but not obvious to thrush, but maybe will do again. I suppose it looks like he is taking weight off his heel when he does it as points toe occasionally.
    ref bute: resting with bute is incase of inflammation somewhere. understand what you say about masking symptoms but he will not be exercised and monitored carefully :)
  5. Yann

    Yann Guest

    I saw something similar recently when there was an abscess brewing, it became more obvious after work.
  6. OwnedbyChanter

    OwnedbyChanter With out my boys life would be bland

    My boy did this and still does, He has arthritrus in his hocks (not to worry you he is 17 and was worked very hard as a youngster (not by me)).

    He is worse in the winter and raises his leg when he comews out his stable in the winter so he gets maxium turn out and is inly in for 2-3 months of the year.

    He has one bute every other day. If after a couple of days rest he still does it i would get it checked.
  7. redfoxylady

    redfoxylady New Member

    The strange thing is he does it on and off at all times, not worst after being in stable and no better after he has come in after being turned out. when he is standing outside stable whilst I am mucking out I can hear him fidget. My worry is it is arthritis somewhere or tendon/ligament strain but no heat or swelling anywhere or signs of pain on exam or when flexing? can they have either of these probs without any heat? what about tendonitis? assume that would also have heat/pain on manipulation? The other thing (I know thinking too much!) Is could it be muscular? he does seem a bit sensitive on his opposite quarters when grooming. (he is getting massages and stretches for this)
    If it is anything, I hope it is an absess!
  8. redfoxylady

    redfoxylady New Member

    Vet booked for tommorow morning:frown: worried
  9. redfoxylady

    redfoxylady New Member

    Vet visit update: stiff in lots of places, especially off quarters. No signs of lameness on the leg he is lifting but had a mild positive on flexion test. Could be very start of arthritis but no swelling or unsoundness. Not very happy in canter on the lunge. Booking in physio to start off with, 1st visit under sedation with vet present. So go from there, if still not happy then vet recommended bone scan to investigate further.
    It is a relief to know that he will be getting some treatment and he will be feeling happier soon after some physio sessions. So some time off for him and me, plenty of time to get some tack polished and catch up with the housework!!
  10. redfoxylady

    redfoxylady New Member


    just a good news update, after 3 physio sessions and working in pessoa over raised trotting poles he has come good. He is now back in full work with no problems. I always panic about these things so very relieved nothing to worry about. Vet thinks was probably a strain around the sacral/lumbar area so lifting of leg was a sign of discomfort from that area. he only had a slight positive on flexion once and negative on further two tests. Vet thinks no problem with joints, phew!!

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