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Discussion in 'Mature Riders' started by suseh97, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. suseh97

    suseh97 New Member

    I am seriously considering doing 'the deed' and actually buying a pony. Would like to have livery sorted out before I commit to buying. Anyone on here got any good recommendations for livery in Renfrewshire? Would need to be a 'child friendly' yard as pony is for my daughter would be with me a lot. So does anyone know of any vacancies in the area? :)
  2. Star_Piper

    Star_Piper New Member

    I'll ask if there's any vacancies at Wardhouse (Kilbarchan) - my friend now works there. It's got DIY and full and grass livery, and a lovely huge outdoor school. When I was there, there were children around, so that should be ok. IT's got a riding school side to it as well. There's one up the road from it too, but can't remember it's name (think it began with an 'L').
    Think there's also one in the Gleniffer Braes area of Paisley, but don't know so much about it (other than it's more expensive).

    Good luck on the pony hunt!
  3. Skippys Mum

    Skippys Mum New Member

    The one beginning with an L is Lawmarnock - great yard with lots of children:D
  4. Lucyad

    Lucyad New Member

    Wardhouse and Lawmarnock in Kilbarchan are both lovely. Another one with loads of kids is Meadowpark in Houston. There is also Fordbank in Johnstone. Whereabout is Renfrewshire are you?
  5. pinkheather

    pinkheather Guest

    Sorry opposite side of the country
  6. suseh97

    suseh97 New Member

    I have left a message on the answer machine at Meadowpark. I work alongside a nice elderly gentleman who keeps his retired ex-racer at Wardhouse. I will have a wee chat with him in the morning. Might be nice to have an ally on a yard :D
    I will contact Lawmarnock too. Could anyone pm the phone number please?
    Unfortunately pony is not for me. Santa may be very generous this year to my daughter. My friend's ancient pony she rides is being retired due to problems with back legs. So I am looking for a nice lead rein pony for her. Sensible one with a lot of years experience with little ones.
  7. capalldubh

    capalldubh New Member

    I think I might know the gentleman (and horse) in question - it's a lovely black horse (gelding, I think?). I used to have my share horse at Wardhouse, and then after I got my own, he was on grass livery there for a while.

    We're round the corner on a farm now - not an official livery stable, but there's mine and about 11 other horses at the moment (and I think he's looking for more). Fields, stables available, and a small outdoor school. PM me if you're interested :)
  8. suseh97

    suseh97 New Member

    I have sent you a pm. Ta :D
    The horse is a gelding. He has promised to bring in a picture. He is a sweet man. He is always getting asked to bring in shoes for luck. Always good when you meet a fellow horse lover. I am now working beside a woman who was an equine vet nurse in her youth. Birds of a feather flock together as they say :)

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