Livery yard needed gloucestershire!

Discussion in 'General' started by charlotte+jill!, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. charlotte+jill!

    charlotte+jill! Scoobs the wonder pony

    As of jan I need somewhere for scooby pony!! :eek:

    Living in gloucester myself the south side so perferable as close as possible.

    Going to look at summerhouse but that has lack of hacking which is bit of a negitive point.

    What is really really needed is a good surface I'll forgo anything for that!!! haahaa but seriously can't be hard for him due to sidebone :)

    thankies guys
  2. Stencilbum

    Stencilbum New Member

    You should take a look at the Newent area if you are in Hartpury IMO. Summerhouse would be major agro and you would spend a fortune in fuel back and forth.

    There are a few yards who advertise for livery on the noticeboard by the yard office at the college IIRC
  3. charlotte+jill!

    charlotte+jill! Scoobs the wonder pony

    nope!...... Because I live in the south of gloucester not near hartpury itself (about 8 miles away infact)

    newent is too much of a trek 2 times a day (as i dont have lectures every day) :)
  4. horselover82

    horselover82 New Member

    Try Countrywide notice board they normally have loads advertised:)
  5. charlotte+jill!

    charlotte+jill! Scoobs the wonder pony

    countrywide and colne are my next port of call :D when im next wizzying around
  6. Stencilbum

    Stencilbum New Member

    Not to sure of their facilities, but have you considered the trail riding centre at Ongars farm in Brookthorpe ?

  7. Jessica23

    Jessica23 New Member

    Summerhouse is really easy to get to because it is just off the motorway. We looked at that years ago for livery and decided against as they didnt have much grazing at all so thats something to ask if they've improved. Amazing facilities there these days though!!

    I know a couple of nice yards in Cheltenham but didnt really look as far down as Gloucester. Definately try countrywide though, lots of livery advertised in there :)
  8. Stencilbum

    Stencilbum New Member

    Reluctant to recommend Summerhouse due to the limited turnout & high rates, but if it is handy, and within budget, then as the others have said........
  9. horsemad19

    horsemad19 New Member

    I also wouldn't recommend summerhouse, just from personal experience.

    Each to their own :D
  10. RachelEvent

    RachelEvent New Member

    I would not go to summerhouse.

    I liveried at Billow Farm for nearly ten years and was very happy there - it's in Breadstone, just off the A38 or the M5. Takes about 20-25 minutes to drive from south gloucester, so perhaps a bit further than you are looking, but there are several liveries who do drive from Gloucester. DIY in the region of £30/week, very good grazing (daily all year, and 24/7 through spring/summer if wanted) 2 outdoor schools (one 20x40, one 30x60) indoor lunge arena and an indoor 25x50 - all very good surfaces. There are quite a few miles of farm tracks for hacking, plus further hacks using country roads and some bridlepaths.

    Other options are Roland Ferneyhough's at cross farm in colethorp with nice hacking and very nice big indoor and big outdoor schools.

    Bownhill near Stroud ( is in a fantastic setting with good draining land, lots of stunning hacking, indoor and outdoor schools, nice XC course on site.
  11. charlotte+jill!

    charlotte+jill! Scoobs the wonder pony

    Do they def do livery?? if so I'll give them a bell as only 2 miles away

    Turnout doesn't bother me all that much tbh as ive had my horses at hartpury in preivous years and well that has LIMITED turnout to the extreme :rolleyes:

    thanks rachel I'll take a look :D
  12. charlotte+jill!

    charlotte+jill! Scoobs the wonder pony

    Looks exactly what I'm looking for rachel :D just need to work out what is finanally workable :)
  13. Stencilbum

    Stencilbum New Member

    An old workmate of mine used to take out the treks on saturdays for the owner - he has been helping out there for years and a no nonsense sort of person so I doubt it is that bad there. Definitely worth a look if nothing else given its proximity to you.

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