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Discussion in 'Training of the Rider' started by sarahc216, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. sarahc216

    sarahc216 New Member

    Hi I have done a lot of in hand showing and I done a few ridden classes a long time ago,

    Can anyone give me a good little routine that I can use for my Welsh Sect D - 27 years old,

    I will be doing veterans and M & M

  2. Calli

    Calli New Member

    when the horse infront of you is finishing their show piece walk out of the line up so you are facing left and give the judge a nice out line of you in halt

    then walk a few steps then off into trot and trot right round the first corner and down the long side, if poss show a few leghtened strides

    on the next corner right canter, round the corner then ride a change of rein, simple change and into right catnter

    then canter on to show and extension down the next long side in canter

    come round large and stand opposite the line up , dont get on top of the judge sand a god 15m away so they can see you properly

    bow :D I hate that bit i always feel like a nob :D

    then walk quietly back to your place in the line up

    check some vids of showing on you tube if you arnt sure :)
  3. Elly Koopman

    Elly Koopman New Member

    Ditto Calli - the only thing is that if you can't do lengthened strides in trot, don't bother. You'd be better off doing a neat simple show really well rather than one with moves that aren't pulled off properly. When coming to the end of your show make sure you are straight onto the judge.

    The biggest thing is remember to smile and look as if you're enjoying yourself, especially at the judge, thanking the stewards with a curteous nod and smile when called will help too :D
  4. Calli

    Calli New Member

    true true , good thinking bat man :D

    yeah keep it simple that do it badly


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