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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by Billy, May 25, 2010.

  1. Billy

    Billy Member

    Anyone tried it or know any patterns for making thier own numnah or saddlecloth? I imagine it's easy enough to get the right material, but wouldn't know where to start! I quite fancy a project, and making stuff for the horse seems like a good place to start!
  2. Dannii5691

    Dannii5691 Owned by Ponies!

    would have thought you would get 2 pieces of material (following the shape of a numnah/saddlecloth) , a bit of wadding, stitch it all together with some sort of equilly spaced diagnol lines to make like a dimond patten, but some sort of binding on it and then stitch some material to make girth loops and girth strap loops!

    that propibly makes no sense but thats how id go about it!!
  3. Dannii5691

    Dannii5691 Owned by Ponies!

    god that really didnt make sense!!!
  4. bluntcrayon

    bluntcrayon New Member

    Take apart an old one to see how it's made :D
  5. popularfurball

    popularfurball Learning all the time

    Not mae a numnah but made a lycra hoody in the past, and currentl;y making a SI rug for madam :)
  6. Billy

    Billy Member

    Hmm... might nick one of the old yard ones and take it apart (mine is quite nice, don't fancy taking to apart!).

    Maybe I'll just be lazy and buy one... might get a sheepskin one. Any recommendations for sheepskin ones?
  7. Kc Mac

    Kc Mac New Member

    The only numnahs I would recommend are the Nuumed ones. I tend to go for the half lined ones :)

    Most of the ones I have are over 10yrs old and regularly washed so well worth the money :D

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