Measuring horses mouth for correct bit size?

Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by Jacari, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Jacari

    Jacari New Member

    Hi everyone.

    What is the best and most efficient way of doing this to ensure that the correct bit is bought?

    Where do you measure from and are there any easy ways of doing it?

    Thank you.
  2. Sexy Sietske

    Sexy Sietske New Member

    Placing a wooden spoon (the long handle) where the bit would go, saliva will wet the wood and make it darker then simply measure the dark/wet bit.
  3. Jacari

    Jacari New Member

    Thank you - good idea.
  4. 9tails

    9tails New Member

    Don't just go on the size of the wet bit though, you generally need half an inch either side otherwise it'll be far too tight.
  5. tetsmum

    tetsmum New Member

    I put string into my horses mouth and marked where their lips were with a marker pen, took that to the tack shop and let them help me size the bit to fit...... not technical, but it worked.
  6. The_Equestrian

    The_Equestrian Bardfield Saddlery

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  7. cinammontoast

    cinammontoast New Member

    I tried out tons of different sizes and types on my horse til I found one he liked and that fit correctly. If you use the wooden spoon method, use a marker pen half an inch either side and make sure it's evenly in the mouth. Get an experienced mate to help as it's very easy to make errors.

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