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Discussion in 'Western' started by cantata007, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. cantata007

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    anyone any experience/opinions on these saddles?
  2. Are you referring to the Montana Saddlery in the US?

  3. cantata007

    cantata007 New Member

    i am indeed
  4. Cantana,

    They are Great Saddles for the Money.

    Most of them are the same as mine. My prices are better. :)
  5. Caljane

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    I just bought three "Montana Saddlery Custom Saddle" saddles at an auction. They claimed their retail price would be around $2000.
    After bringing them home I noticed that they do not sit well on the horses backs (none of them on none of our horses!) and one of them has very very low quality stirrup leathers (tears in it from bad taning spots).
    Now I am wondering if these saddles are in general low quality. What are they usually priced new?
  6. If they are the Montana Saddle I was referring to they are not worth 2,000.00.

    They are for the money good, but they sell here in the States anywhere from 450.00 to 850.00 New. Then you can figure 140.00 for Postage to the UK or many places in Europe.

  7. BTW,

    Most Montana Saddles where designed for QH, so depending on the Breed that could be a problem, but even so QH's have 3 different Trees a Saddle can be made out of.

    I wonder if this is even the same Company, there are a lot of Indian Made copy cat Saddles out there, I have never seen a report of bad leather on a Montana

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  8. Caljane

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    Hey, Kevin, thanks for replying.

    Unfortunately I do not have a picture. However, they have either a plate or they are stamped "Montana Saddlery Custom Made" (do not remember for sure), only one out of three has the real bad stirrup leathers. This one is stamped "50" on the latigo holder. They have all slick seats.
    Our horses are Quarter and Paints. The rigging of these saddles is too far in front (which some people prefer, though) and put on the horse they tend to stick up at the back. Just do not sit good. Don't know the gullet size but I would estimate 6 to 7 inch.
    I would think a copy cat wouldn't stamp a saddle with an already low quality brand name, or would they?
    I personally consider any roping saddle that is priced new below $1000 as "low quality". Guess these sadlles were NOT a good deal :-(
  9. Here is a link to the Montana I was referring to.

    They are basic Saddle, similar in quality to Simco or American Saddlery, which are considered base line Saddles.

    Because they like some others do not have a lot of tooling the price stays low, a lot of the Price of a Saddle is Tooling and Leather.

    Pressed tooling or no tooling is the least expensive, Hand Stamped Next and Carved is the highest, carved tooling can add 500.00 or more to a basic Saddle.

    Then the next step would be upgraded leather, like Pre-oiled and hand buffed then above that leather from Wicket and Craigs, etc. Premium leather can add anywhere from 125.00 to 400.00.

    I guess it is kind of like comparing a Wintec English to a Stubben, not that Wintec is bad, maybe a base line compared to others. (ps, I know very little about English Saddles, just what I have heard)

    Most of my QH and my Paint take a Full-QH Bar 7" Gullet, sound like you may have some Semi-QH 6.5" Gullet Saddles, that would cause pinching and rocking.

    Maybe that link will tell you if we are even describing the same company ;)

    Hope something in here helped.

  10. Caljane

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    *huh* a big source of information, thanks, Kevin! :)

    Even though I am not sure if we talk about the same maker because I couldn't find a "Montana Saddlery Custom Saddle" on the webpage for "Montana Mountain Horse" (which, interestingly, is located in Wyoming where we bought the saddles ...), but the general information helps understanding some problems ... will measure the gullets and take an even closer look at the saddles.

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