Muddy pastures - ugh

Discussion in 'New Riders' started by Walkn'HorseLuvr, Aug 3, 2009.

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    I've always wondered when I go to get my lesson horse in her muddy pasture, if anyone else that gets a horse that's in a muddy pasture that they just don't want to get that horse? I wear rubber boots, I've fallen in that mud in the past (nice and cold and wet), but still can't really get over fallen again and the possibility of getting hurt this time. Ever get scared that when around mud that likes to suck your boots to the ground and get stuck that your horse or horses in that pasture will do something totally unpredictable and you get hurt? I do and now I really don't like getting this horse when her pasture is terribly muddy at the gate that extends a long-ish way into the pasture (mud that is).
    But, trying to get over that...give me your opinions on this and your feelings.

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