My horse has decided he's scared of traffic:(

Discussion in 'Training of the Horse' started by Emma3599, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Emma3599

    Emma3599 New Member

    Over the last few weeks my gelding has been getting excitable whilst being ridden. A couple of weeks ago a bus overtook us and it scared him. Since then he's been very jumpy around traffic. Today, however, a mini bus tried to overtake us and he leapt straight into the middle of the road infront of it:eek This really scared me and I was so relieved to get back to the stables.

    I'm just wondering what the best way forward is now. I know I need to gradually get him used to traffic again but I don't want to risk myself or other drivers with him leaping about. I know I need to stay calm but I'm worrying he'll sense that I'm nervous now:(

    Has anyone had a similar experience to this? Do you think a calmer could help settle him down a little?

    Bit of a pointless thread but I needed to vent!!
  2. Harry Chaim Faibish

    Harry Chaim Faibish New Member

    Hi Emma3559,the problem is, is not just the traffic, your horse is not working correctly in the school, your horse is not working in a round frame, and is not fully supple, and is not in front of the leg, my advise is go back to the basic and do more lunging, and good flat work, don't let your horse to run, keep the rhythm, and ride him from your leg, to soft contact, and make sure when you ride him seat up right, have a nice time.
  3. daftdraught

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    You could try leading him in hand acompanied by a much calmer horse for short periods of time keeping him on the inside of the horse. if you know anyone with a van you could get him used to that without engine on then slowly build it up so he is following the van. then introduce him to being ridden behind the van. If he is stabled you could play a tape of traffic noises to descencatize (spelling:eek:) him.
  4. Claire1605

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    I am having the same problem only with bicycles!!

    My horse is used to farm machinery, tractors, quad bikes, etc, etc, combines, but out on hacks recently he has become terrified of bicycles.

    He does not mind traffic, vans, buses, trailers, fire engines, nothing like that worries him just bicycles.

    I can no longer hack him like it as he has become dangerous to me, him and the cyclists.

    So my RI and myself with the help of my OH are trying to de-sensitize him which is tricky as it could make the problem more of an issue.

    I sympathise.

    My RI had to de-sensitize a horse like yours and the only way she could do it was to hack out with at least four other horses and literally box in the scared horse so that he could not go anywhere until he realised that the other horses weren't bothered and he began to settle down.
  5. Emma3599

    Emma3599 New Member


    Hi thanks for your replies. I took him out yesterday on some quiet lanes and he was fine with the cars (there were no larger vehicles on the roads). However, he decided he was terrified of a bike that came past us!! So i've realised that this is a behaviour issue rather than a fear issue. Although I am going to practice taking him past our small box this week with my mum driving just to make sure he is ok with larger vehicles too! I've bought some calmer and am hoping it is just due to the spring grass.

    Honestly it seems like one stress after another owning a horse:)I still love him though!!:) I just need to make sure fear doesn't get the better of me! I can be a right nervous nellie sometimes! I've got riding lessons booked and am going to crack on with his schooling so fingers crossed things improve hacking. He is fab in the school though and never puts a foot wrong, I just need that out on rides now.

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