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Discussion in 'Driving' started by lisae, Jun 24, 2007.

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    The Mennonite harness maker did a FANTASTIC job on my Halfinger's harness. It's all black leather with patent blinkers and saddle, stainless hardware, and buckle in traces. And, rein terrets on the breastcollar split hanging straps. One inch lines, very heavy! And all for an amazingly low price only $422. :D:D My last harness was used and also leather but half the weight.

    It came with either overcheck or sidecheck. I picked the latter. Mare has been ground driven in full harness included blinders but I never used either type of checkrein. Big stupid question - overchecks very obviously come in over the nose and buckle to ring of the bit, above the bridle and reins. Sidecheck buckles go where? I assume they come in from the upper side and buckle between the bridle and the reins? I'm using a half cheek snaffle with jointed mouthpiece but the ring seems too small to hold all three straps!

    I also have a nice mullen mouth swivel Liverpool bit but mare seemed distracted by it when I tried it in the other harness... looking at that bit, it has a little ring for the bridle only, a little ring under that for the curb strap, and several settings for the reins. I have no clue where to buckle the side check on that one! :eek:

    And, what would others recommend for brand new leather? Some type of conditioner or oil? It looks perfect but I'm not sure what would be best. It is very stiff still.

    Thanks! Lisa
  2. lisae

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    bump - if oiling is in order, would like to do this today while not at work... :)

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    I don't know what products you have in NY, but I would highly recommend you use some Effax Learger balsam, and use it regularly to softem and protect and also strengthen the leather. Oil will rot the stitching.

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