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Discussion in 'Mature Riders' started by NoviceNic, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony

    Ho Hum. It has been a difficult yet rewarding month. We moved up finally onto the yard at the begining of Oct. This is when the fun started. :rolleyes: The bad points first. Captain has taken to dragging me around whether ever he wants to go.:mad: It has been difficult and a battle of the wills to which I have to say that Captain was winning. I have however enrolled the helping hand of a NH trainer. My first session was this morning. Although I found a couple of things shocking I am pleased with the results. I found his tantrums shocking. But after 10 yr of no manners he isnt going to give up lightly is he..:rolleyes:

    There are many good points. Firstly my lesson and my new RI. Wow Wow and Wow again. Fantastic. I have finally acheived a relaxed riding position. ** grins massively**. We are actually working in an outline and engaging his lovely huge bottom. Obviously we still have a long way to go in improving the length of time this is engaged but practise makes perfect. I have been doing some leg yielding. My RI was in awe of the fantastic turn on the forehand we can do. He is such a superstar, he will try depserately hard for me even when I fluff the aids up completely. I may look at entering a Have a Go stressage test. Cazrider has inspired me to have a go at this. Thanks Cazrider. I am hacking out solo but struggling a bit with my nerves now the windy days have kicked in. So I have reduced my length of hack and keep in walk. He started toi anticipate a gallop on hevery hack so took to running off with me. My fault I get too excited when I go out for a gallop, he picks up on this and then goes full speed ahead.:eek: I am now back to jumping again. I have put the poles down as I need to keep him in a nice controlled trot whilst jumping and not let him run away excited again. So I will progress my height and gait of jumping as we practise more. 2ft 6 here we come.:D

    Now to the share thing. I have never wanted to share my lovely beast. He is mine, all mine. However I have competition. My 9 yr old daughter. :eek: Her pony Bella has gone home. The novelty wore off very quickly and I could see that she started to want to spend more time at home than at the yard. I have to accept that my gal no longer wants the responsibilty of a pony. However since her pony has gone home, she has spent more time at the yard and more time riding Captain. :confused: On 2 occasions I have heard her call him "My Horse". She buys him polo's from her money. And doesnt want to get off when I ask her too. So I still have her enjoying horsemanship just on a smaller level.

    I hear all your cries for pictures and without wanting to dissapoint you, here they are. Please do not comment on how much better my daughters riding postion is than mine. I am well aware she is BETTER than me. :p

    Captain stolen by my daughter.

  2. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony


    Moi pulling faces whilst jumping half a tonne of cob...



  3. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony

    If anyone has any ideas to stop me from pulling faces and also stop doing strange things with my hands/wrists when I jump feel free to speak up. :D
  4. Horsesaddle

    Horsesaddle New Member

    lovely pictures how old is Captian and Bella?
  5. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony

    Captain is 10 yo. Bella the pony was 11yo. My daughter Jas is 9yo.
  6. Whatanejit

    Whatanejit New Member

    Fab pics NN - definately satisfied something that was missing in me - photos of the gorgeous Captain - even if he has been a little tinker lately:rolleyes:

    Oh and his mane is getting nice and long again:)

    Congrats on battling through with all the 'issues'.

    I don't think we ever cease having issues with our neds just different ones crop up each time as they get older and do we!

    Keep the updates coming!
  7. nicolaj

    nicolaj New Member

    Hi Nic

    I sooo know where you are coming from with regard to bolshy hairy beasties!

    I'm glad you got the NH perso to come out, it really does help you put things into perspective. Also to get an inkling that you can start to do those simple things others take for granted, such as leading quietly without being dragged to the grass all the time.

    Bet he is like my boy, had not manners or groundwork tought him prior to you owning him. Keep going, it does get better, although there will be times when it does go a bit backwards!

    You have so many positive, such as your confidence when riding and it sounds like your new RI is really good and is getting you both working together so well.

    I love to see the big hairy beasties all working from the back end properly and in an 'outline' they always look stunning and wipe the smerk (sp) of those who think cobs are good for nothing, but a happy hack.

    Keep it up and keep us posted!:D
  8. nicolaj

    nicolaj New Member

    PS forgot to say love the piccies!

    Oh well at least your daughter wants to spend some time with you! Enjoy it before it becomes totally uncool for her to want to spend time with her mom!:rolleyes:
  9. cazrider

    cazrider Sennie's mum

    He is gorgeous, isn't he Novicenic.:) Hold onto that one while he's driving you bats.;) I love the white mane and forelock, black face. What a lovely combination.

    Best of luck with the dressage as well. If I can, you most certainly can :D

    BTW, did you read down a bit into my dressage thread, about my lesson with Lewis Blackburn, and giving his website? May be worth a look. I hope I am as pleased as you have been with your session.

    Sennie is a gem to handle, BUT, he tries me out frequently just to check what I will and won't allow. I think these dominant geldings will do that and need very consistent handling. I know, for example that I have had to ban people treating him. He is definitely the give an inch-take five miles, type.

    BTW, I will have to use you as my inspiration for the jumping.. definitely my BIG nervy thing.:eek:

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