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Discussion in 'Driving' started by Midnight_Ashes, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Midnight_Ashes

    Midnight_Ashes New Member

    What kind of horse is ideal to drive (temprament etc)?
    I've always liked the idea of driving, and have driven a few. I would love to break one of mine (with help, of course!!) but it's a bit of a pipe dream really....can anyone shed any light on how I would go about it (if I were to do it), timescale etc?
  2. Sparky Lily

    Sparky Lily Active Member

    Can't help with the timescale or what's involved as I haven't broken either of mine.

    As to what type, I suppose it depends on what you want to do. I don't compete so I want something who will mainly potter along the lanes. Safety is my main concern, having to cope with traffic. I need a pony who is sensible, obedient and intelligent, without wanting to do the thinking for me. As my ponies are also pets, I also want a "personality" that I can enjoy being with. My stiffness issues also mean I want something small, so I can get in and out of the cart easily. My shetlands suit me fine.
  3. Stormin

    Stormin New Member

    I would also think that temperament was essential - don't want to be going out of control :eek:
    As for the how/how long, you might want to ask Wally ?
  4. diplomaticandtactful

    diplomaticandtactful Well-Known Member

    steadiness, good in traffic, unflappable.

    also do you have anywhere safe to drive - there are very few lanes/roads where it is really safe to drive out in these days - at least with a horse, being ridden, if a twit comes round a blind bend at speed, there is the chance they can squeeze past a horse unsafe though it is, but with a buggy behind it, there is more chance they will hit you.

    wally is the expert for advice on driving ponies.
  5. zoonie

    zoonie New Member

    There are numerous threads on here about how to get started - the most important things you can do by yourself and that is teaching impecable manners and long-reining. Standing perfectly still is a very desirable skill in a driving pony and you cannot pay too much attention to this. Long-reining around the lanes and roads, then in the school, then around the yard trying close turns and halts - all vitaly important schooling. When you find someone you trust to help you you can expect a well mannered and confident pony to take about 6 - 10 weeks to become competent at the job and you should arrange to have lessons with the pony as it is coming along - that way you will learn together and it will help reduce any misunderstandings. Of course this isn't written in stone and they are all different. I had one who took a couple of weeks and another who took much longer as he was worried about the noise of the carriage so a lot of work went into making him noise proof - they are all individuals.
    All breeds can drive - broad chested breeds fair better as they have more to go into a collar but I have a friend who broke his TB eventer to drive and competed regularly in trials with him. Arabs and TBs tend to be sharper and maybe a bit more dificult to make comfortable in harness but as long as they have the right attitude anything is possible.

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