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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by candypony, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. candypony

    candypony Member

    My horsie has no withers and his saddle slips a lot, mainly to his left ie the side that you mount.
    I am concerned because I have just read that riding with more weight in one stirrup or with more weight in one side of your seat, you can cause the horse to become really 'one sided' and his muscles will become over developed on one side.
    As he is a little overweight and I am bringing him back into work and building up his muscles, its a worry that he will build them up all wrong because of this problem!!
    I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions as to what I can do.
    He came with the saddle that he has on and the previous owner says that she knows about this problem and this saddle and the numnah she has given us are the only ones that keep his saddle in place (apparently she has tried lots of different ones)...however, they dont really seem to be working!

    I really cannot afford a new saddle right now so I cant really get any tack fitted especially for him.
    If your horse has no withers, what type of tack and numnah do you use for him?

    Also, does the girth matter? He came with a humane girth (elasticated).

    People have said to me that his tack will probably fit a lot better and the saddle wont slip when he's fitter and is less fat but I really dont think that its a good idea to just 'put up with' a saddle that is slipping and could cause him to become very one sided.

    Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. Shian89

    Shian89 New Member

    if the saddle is ill fitting there's not really any pads/girths that will help that much! If it is an ill fitting saddle, it could be causing him pain and discomfort due to pressure points, and could potentially cause back problems.

    About the one sided thing, i used to be like that, if you take your feet out of the stirrups and ride like that, does the saddle still slide?

    I had a humane girth formy round horse too, but not an elasticated one, and it did seem to help, but i had the four girthing points as it was a cob saddle. But i'd really say get it checked, my saddle fitting was only £40, at least if you got it checked, and its fits him then you could go down the non slip numnah route, and the saddle could be ruled out, i used to have an ill fitting saddle and it slipped ALL the time!
  3. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony


    1...Take the saddle off your horses back and ride bareback until you can afford a fitter out to measure up your existing saddle or until you can buy a saddle that fits. :)

    2....Dont mount from the floor as this will pull the saddle over at the start...

    3....Is your saddle too wide?? Extra padding maybe able to stop the saddle slipping.

    4....Elasticated girths are excellant for saddles that slip. However the girth must be elasticated on both sides or you are just pulling the saddle over on the side that it is elasticated to fit making the saddle unlevel and you will create muscle wastage which in turn your saddle will slip into.
  4. *taz*

    *taz* is now horseless!

    is your horse a cob? he sounds like one with no withers etc..:)

    have you had a saddle fitter out? they could advise about your current saddle and if its suitable and if it will fit better when he muscles up ect...:)
  5. montys helper

    montys helper New Member

    Buy a treeless saddle but not a cheap one
  6. ali cat

    ali cat Active Member

    try a barnsby non slip saddle pad
    they have rubber non slip on the underside which help prevent slippage between horse and pad , and neopren panels on the top to help prevent slippage between pad and saddle

    or a cheaper alteranative is to go to a diy store and buy the non slip shelf liner -- sort of rubber with square holes cut out
    it goes under your saddle next to horses skin -- with or without numnah/saddle pad

    the proper answer is, of course, to get the saddle checked to see if it really does fit but if economics don't allow for that i can understand

    also be careful of treeless -- they can have lateral stability problems---as i know to my cost !

    i use a barnsby non slip pad, a barnsby comfort girth and a kolibri breastplate with my VERY expensive treeless -- and it was fitted by an agent -- if ted didn't like the saddle so much i'd never have perservered with it -- and still not up to blasting round the countryside in it yet

    a correct fitting synthetic might be an idea if money is tight?

    good luck anyway --hope you find a solution
  7. Portia

    Portia New Member

    First, well done for not just accepting poor fitting tack, and I note that currently a new saddle isn't an option.

    Couple of suggestions -
    1) You don't mention you've had a saddle fitter to see him? That would be my first stop; explain your situation, and that you're looking for a short term solution whilst you get the money together for a better-fitting saddle. He'll assess the shape of your horses' back, and may be even able to adjust your existing saddle.
    2) Have his back assessed by a qualified practitioner - some like a physio, some a vet, some saddle fitters also do it. Ask around for recommendations. This will help to clarify what problems there are (if any). Am assuming he's had a vetting and nothing was picked up on that, are there any behavioural problems associated with girthing/saddling/riding? My mare became increasingly difficult over girthing, which was the only indication my previous saddle was causing problems.
    3) you can buy non-slip shelf-lining from B&Q at a fraction of the cost of 'equine' materials - looks like an open squared mesh, doesn't slip and as it's open squares cools the coat!

    Echo others comments on treeless being the answer. Not the case, it's not 'one-size-fits-all', and you'd be well advised to have an agent come out to you! Sounds like his saddle has NEVER fitted properly, uneven muscle development is a well-known consequence of this, but that can be reversed over time.
  8. lachlanandmarcu

    lachlanandmarcu New Member

    Try a Thorowgood cob XW or XXW (get secondhand from eBay maybe for about £50-100. It has a 4th breeching girth strap set much further back and that really helps stop saddle roll. Its the only one that fits my flat Haflinger. And easy to resell if it doesnt fit. Im suggesting getting a v wide one as if you get the one with Fish inserts you can narrow the gullet but not widen so you want one wider than you think you need.

    hope this helps. I despaired till I found it, got it as stopgap but havent changed since! Wouldnt mount from the ground routinely cos of back risk but have done it out and about and its been fine!
  9. candypony

    candypony Member

    Thanks for everyone's advice, it is really useful.

    He doesnt have any behavioural problems relating to the saddle but then again, I am bringing him back into work and therefore there is still time for him to react to it!
    I am going to get a saddle fitter out to him hopefully because I think that he does need it checking and maybe adjusting...if that is possible, as you said (portia).

    I think I will also try the B&Q non slip stuff (anything is worth a try!!) ... I presume that it goes between him and the numnah/saddle pad??

    that is a really good idea too!
    Do all the thorowgood cob saddles have the 4th breeching girth strap?

    Thanks again for everyones help! :D

    ps...I feel like such a mean mum to him saying that I cant really afford a new saddle for him but I personally cant afford a new saddle and my Mum seems to think there is no problem with the saddle and that it will fit him when he gets fitter :mad: :rolleyes:
  10. lachlanandmarcu

    lachlanandmarcu New Member

    that is a really good idea too!
    Do all the thorowgood cob saddles have the 4th breeching girth strap?

    Im pretty sure they do, and the photos on eBay often show that part of the saddle or you could ask the seller to be sure. It does make a huge diff, my Haffie has no withers at all, the roly pole.

    The other thing that helps is the Wintec stretchy girth, its elasticated all the way along, not just in one or a couple of places like some of the so called humane ones, and theyre cheap too!
  11. Portia

    Portia New Member

    This is one variation on non-slip lining:

    The one OH got me has larger holes and is less flexible, but but otherwise very similar!

    As to where to place it, try both options to see which works best tbh. I've read of some horses not accepting the 'pull' feel of the non-slip material (my mare being one of those ...), so start with it between numnah and saddle perhaps.
    Hope this helps!
  12. acw295

    acw295 New Member

    If your saddle fits - because it won't help at all if it doesn't - the Stubben cord girth is great and helps with saddle slipping.

    I have a no withered flat backed, 'round' Welsh D x and found Native Pony Saddles great (they have the 4th girth strap and special trees).

    Make sure saddle is in correct position too - it is easy with cobs to put them too far forward and then you get slipping. I sometimes do that with Molly but am getting better at putting it further back (not too far back though!)'s because of where her girth groove is :)

    I do think that with round ponies and cobs perfectly fitted saddles can occasionally slip an inch just because they gain or lose of few kgs - but serious slippage is never ok :)
  13. Shian89

    Shian89 New Member

    yeah thorowgood defo do have the 4th girth strap, i had an xxw cob one for my mare and sold it on ebay for a treeless, xxw is pretty rare to get second hand. It didn't slip as much, but it still slipped

    My treeless one doesn't even move at all, funnily enough:confused: lol:p
  14. Millies Mum

    Millies Mum New Member


    Try a chamois leather from Halfords,,, damp is best,, use it as a numnah if it is large enough,
    i also have hunting breast plate, and nice wintec ,, i think ,,, girth with elastic at ends and nice comfy middle,,,
    mount from the highest block you can, and get somebody to hold your stirrup if you can,,, i have also found that if helper does your girth up too tight, saddle seems to pull to one side, i always let out one hole if this happens
  15. ali-c

    ali-c New Member

    I have just bought a limpet saddle pad for a similiar problem. My mare's saddle is made to measure but she has gained weight over the summer and the saddle slips. The saddle pad is great and has cured the problems I have been having. :)
  16. FeatheryFeet

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  17. twigs

    twigs New Member

    I remeber a pony in my RS that wore a crouper, I think thats what its for, it was attached to the back of saddle and looped under the tail, holding the saddle in place and stopped it going up the neck/correct me if Ive got the wrong thin g lol
  18. lachlanandmarcu

    lachlanandmarcu New Member

    yep a crupper will stop saddle slipping forward. Some ponies are fine with them, some go berserk and you have to make sure they dont rub. But lots of RS pones have em, to make a matching set with the baler twine daisy rein :))

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