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Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by debsu, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Well, this morning I took him in the school with his dually on and started some ground work with him which was ok until he overtook me when I stopped. I tried and somehow did back him up but he really didn't like it and bite me and kept trying to get me again! After watching Monty do this with a green horse successfully I was all over the place and ended up pushing him in the chest whilst trying dodge his teeth:banghead:

    I persevered and sort of got there and then the dreaded walk to the field, I put myself in a positive mood and march out with him with all these positive thoughts and........ you've guessed it.....barge barge munch munch:banghead::furious:

    onwards and upwards!
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    ^ It sounds like he needs a very firm hand - much like my mare did when I started ground work with her. I wasn't very good at being as assertive as was needed by my RI was! I was a little surprised at just how firm she was, but like somebody says - you only need do it once before they realise 'oh okay - won't be taking any nonsense then'. And of course, as with any training, consistency.

    Roxy has been known to get a little aggro when she's in season & I will make her back up. RI showed me to do this by shaking the rope attached to the head collar and making myself as big, noisey and generally unpleasant as possible until she backs off. Works! And she doesn't look half surprised when I do it to remind her that I am in charge.

    One the other hand, a response like biting from a horse is quite a severe one & sounds like it could be pain related. Horses don't usually lash out like that for no reason. Having said that, he could just be being an arse.
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    I used to walk Harvey to the paddock with a schooling whip held in front of his chest as if to say don't cross this line!! If he tried to overtake me the whip would give him a tap.

    If he puts his head down to eat I would carry whip in left hand and give him a sharp crack to surprise him from behind you and tell him firmly to walk on.

    Harvey has had some pretty big smacks to get him where I am today so he listens just to my voice. I must say he is really thick skinned which is probably like most cobs. I think you need to be a bit more aggressive with him to make him listen. My nice quiet ladylike voice turns into an ogre when I need to which he hates.

    You could try everytime he overtakes you to turn him on a circle and do this every time until he gets bored and perhaps thinks it's better to walk nicely with mum or he gets the circle treatment.

    Good luck and keep on trying. I'm sure you'll get there in the end.

    Make sure you praise him whenever he does walk nicely though.
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    I found getting a muzzle was useful - as much as I am not afraid of madam biting me I still move which means she is controlling my feet and I'm not controlling hers... Putting a muzzle on stops that worry.
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    Have you thought about getting and Intelligent Horsemanship RA out to give you a lesson? Have a look on - they have a list of RA's by area so you should be able to find one within travelling distance.

    My YO is an RA and it is so helpful to have someone show you how to do it and they can see where you are going wrong. It is often something small, just your body language not quite right, timing off or just not being forceful enough.

    Really worth the money.

    But don't give up - he is trying it on. Be as firm as possible.
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    I agree with Claire1605, make sure you carry a schooling whip with you when you are doing your groundwork and especially when you are going to your field. Remember only use ut if you have asked him nicely a few times first.

    As for the biting my boy still does that occasionally but he was terrible when I first started the groundwork. Every time I asked him to do something difficult he went to bite me. Remember though that you are the boss, if he did that to a field mate can you imagine what response he would get. If he bites, deal with it swiftly. It can be hard as you don't want to make your horse head shy, but you can give him a punch to the neck or Monty recommends a swift kick to the coronet band as horses would respond with a kick.

    All I say is persevere!! It is very hard work in the school especially if your horse is difficult but really is worth it in the end. Keep going and let us know how it goes xxxx

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