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Discussion in 'Exam Training and Careers' started by Morganna, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Morganna

    Morganna New Member

    I have decided to do these, I want some horsey qualifications with a view to doing some teaching down the line. My yard is an authorised training centre for these so I can do it there, one day a week for a few hours on my day off - my RI/YO is happy to help me get through these.

    So,who has done them, what are they like, how long did they take?

  2. loveponies

    loveponies New Member

    ive done a NVQ 1 dont and i repeat do NVQ 3 my RI is trying and has falied twice. Its really hard.
    the one i did they let me do it again and again. So you cant fail on n 1 but NVQ 2 is hard and 3 well :rolleyes:
  3. Saz89

    Saz89 New Member

    I started an NVQ in horse care then decided it was not for me (a career with horses that is!) I found this quite hard as we never got any help from our tutors. I then did an NVQ level 2 in countryside and enviromental conservation and when the tutor explained it too us it was actually really easy the way it's put together. This probably dosen't help but I think I made my horse care one harder for myself!
    Good luck! :)
  4. Morganna

    Morganna New Member

    Sorry to hear that Saz - I had a long chat with my YO yesterday and she went through the levels with me, she said that level 3 was by far the hardest but it is doable :)

    I dont want a career with horses, but I would like to teach part time possibly in the future purely for my own satisfaction though, not as a career (although it would be an extra earner). My YO also said that it would be easier to do the NVQ than the BHS levels as Im not in a horsey job and apparantly the BHS are quite anal about normal joe bloggs doing their precious exams lol

    Once I have the NVQ though, I can then do the teaching through the BHS :)
  5. gunner5125

    gunner5125 New Member

    how experienced are you? I did NVQ2 6 years ago & didn't find it too bad. The theory was fairly easily learned, most difficult things being knowing different types of bits & the theories on feeding & anatomy. The riding is basic walk/trot/canter & jumping up to 2'6" plus a bit of no stirrups & stuff. Also has to do lungeing & loading but nothing too taxing. I know the riding units are optional but i can't remember what the alternatives where (breeding?). Also had to do BHS Riding & Road Safety & BHS Horse Owners levels 1-4. Only new thing I had to learn really was plaiting (manes only, not tail) as having had a scruffy native I'd never had to do that before. I did the course part time so I had to do tonnes of paperwork. definately not un-manageable though. I really enjoyed it but it did take 9 months part time & out of 5 on the course, only me & one other passed. The others got bored & gave up, one girl failed her jumping assessment & never bothered to re-take.
  6. eml

    eml Moderator

    I disagree with your YO.

    We found it almost impossible to get people who did not work with horses through the NVQ system in the time allowed due to the amount of paperwork and verifying of tasks required but most of my BHS candidates are one day a week students.

    If you want to teach you will probably still have to do BHS stage 3 and PTT to be an AI even if you get NVQ2 or 3. Very few places are approved to do the teaching option on NVQ3 and most employers still prefer the BHSAI
  7. Morganna

    Morganna New Member

    I can walk/trot/canter/gallop and jump up to 2'3 at the moment although I am returning to jumping after a serious accident and was previously jumping 3'. I have my own horse and used to work part time on the yard I keep my horse at. I'm 38 so have plenty of experience behind me. I will be doing the riding option and have already done the Horse Ownership course so have that under my belt. :)
  8. Morganna

    Morganna New Member

    NVQ 2 or 3 are pre-requisites for BHS PTT - I only need the Stage 3 if I want BHSAI status. My yard are approved to do the teaching option.

    My YO used to do the BHS stages, she prefers the NVQ's and has more successful outcomes with those than she ever did with BHS stages. I would eventually be teaching at the yard I'm learning on so having BHSAI is not a necessity at the moment. If that changes, or I want to teach beyond beginners and novice riders, then I will do Stage 3 and BHSAI, in the meantime I am happy to do the NVQ. :)
  9. Hippyhorse

    Hippyhorse New Member

    I've just finished my NVQ2 and did 1 last year, I wouldn't say they are that hard, I did 3 days a week last year and 4 this. The theory stuff isn't too bad and the riding wasn't too hard either but the paper work is a nightmare and getting all the assessments done and verified is frustrating! But I much preferred it to the BHS stages route as at least if you mess something up on the day you can do it again and your past experiences of doing stuff count as eveidence etc rather than just failing on the day and having to pay to do it again. I would like to do my nvq 3 but where I was doing it has changed to btecs so unless I can find somewhere else in the meantime I shall be doing that instead in september. It sounds like a good opportunity and set up, good luck!
  10. Lot1983

    Lot1983 New Member

    I'm working full time and doing my NVQ2 and have just agreed to get it finished by the end of the year!

    The only thing I'm having issue with is the wording of the questions, for instance one of the questions last night was "what is the difference between feeding an individual horse and a group of horses", do they mean in the field? What you buy? The order you feed? I'm assuming they mean the products you buy?

    The lack of text books is a bit of a pain but I bought the Stage 2 guide and that's really helping me. My aim is to get all the paper work done ASAP so it's just assesments and practical left to study.

    I wouldn't say it was too hard, things like bandaging I need to learn but most of the basics I have a rough idea on and if not I can look up and learn.

    TBH I think I'd have got bored starting at level 1.
  11. Morganna

    Morganna New Member

    Thanks guys. My RI suggested going straight into Lvl 2 but I want to do Lvl 1 so that I can use it to get back into the swing of learning and get myself into a pattern. I work full time but I get 3 days off a week so I will be committing one day per week to this between work and kids. YO reckons I will have Lvl 1 done quite quickly and then can get stuck into 2.

    Filled out my registration forms and wrote my registration cheque this morning :D
  12. rgbilyeu

    rgbilyeu New Member

    my old boss found that too.

    we also on the ground found (ie us grooms and RI's) that nvq students (for the most part not all) didnt fair well if they didnt have hands on experience and could work through things on the yard.

    also we found that the nvq students who were not in horse related jobs had a harder time coming onto a yard and actually working hands on with anything then BHS and ABRS students.
    and a couple hours a week for NVQ students wasn't feasble and took a long time to work through the practical side of applying things they learn from books and what have you.

    what are you looking to do with your qualifications just outta curiosity? also the pricing of NVQ exams is more then BHS exams so i personally would look at that.

    also i know alot of horse jobs look at BHS exams over NVQ. because of the influx of people going to colleges with horse nvq's who leave with a qualification but no experience or ability to apply it in a real yard setting.

    but thats just what i have found and worked with
  13. Morganna

    Morganna New Member

    My YO says the exact opposite - I suppose it is helpful that she is running a riding school/livery yard that is BHS approved and approved for doing NVQ's also. The NVQ's will actually cost me less as all I have to pay for is my registration - Im not actually paying for the tuition as Im working for it at my yard so its more beneficial for me to do the NVQ's. They dont teach the NVQ in a classroom environment.

    Bottom line is Im just doing it for my own enjoyment really - I would like to teach beginners/kids and will have an opportunity to do that at my own yard, so its not really important to me if other yards prefer BHS qualifications or not. If I do decide to take it further then I will do the BHS teaching qualifications if I need to.

    Im not doing the NVQ from a classroom, I'm going to be full hands on at my yard so will learn quicker. I'm very much looking forward to it to be honest :)

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