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Discussion in 'Hacking' started by pinkheather, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Took new girl out to-day and after the 'am no goin' nap which a sharp boot and tap with the crop sorted, we found out the Pea viners had harvested the crop so there was a huge field just waiting to be charged over. Well off we set this young lady gave me all she had it was wow fantastic. After we had emptied the tank we had a pleasant walk home and i had thoroughly enjoyed myself it is a long time since this oldie had a charge like that.
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    Sounds fab!

    I'm building up to it this weekend. Silage lifted this week so I need to find my inner confidence (its in there somewhere:unsure::spin:) before they put sheep on it again and take my young boy for a canter and maybe even a gallop:smile:.
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    brilliant :) glad you both had fun.
  4. pinkheather

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    Went out for a hack to-day again and boy did she have a super napping episode we were sitting in the middle of the road for about 5 minutes or it seemed like it i must say the motorists were extremely good and waited till missy un-fried her brain she is really going through the full range of try on's at the moment. After that super ride canter gallop walk trot no problem at all. Funny she naps at the dame place all the time only thing i can see is a big manhole cover cant be that can it??????
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    I had an almost identical 'napping' episode with Dolly when I had only own her a few weeks. Her chosen method of evasion though was a swift reverse backwards like the the devil himself had sprung up in front of her!

    Tried all the usual 'correct' stuff - even sitting her out but was on the brink of phoning home to get the 'heavys' to come down an chase her along. Just tried one last riding school kick and a swift whop across her rump with my crop and forward she charged. Must confess I was somewhat nervous for a moment or two as to how she would react to this firm stuff from me!:frown:

    She did attempt to repeat this at the same spot (couldn't tell you what if anything was her problem?) - but was ready for her and riding school kicked almost before she had moved a muscle in reverse!

    Have to say she hasnt done it since - I am convinced it was a complete test of her new owner - think she wanted to find out if I was really as soft and useless as I had led her to believe!:bounce:

    Be ready for her next time at that spot - and shove her on before she even knows she's going to nap herself.:wink:

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