Our first ever show tomorrow! Help/ Advice please

Discussion in 'Other Disciplines' started by Libbyo, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Libbyo

    Libbyo New Member

    Can I ask for some help pleae

    Pinnochio and I are going to our first ever show this Sunday. Our class is at about 11am and its around 30 miles away.

    1. What time should we leave our yard.
    2. How much time min/max between arriving and the class do we need.
    3. hat is the best way to chil him out after arrival
    4. What do we do with each other between classes. ( I know not to tie him to the side and leave him)
    5. Hay net in the box for traveling or not
    6. Breakie before leaving
    7. Any thing else you think I should know

    Thanks every one in advance

    Libbyo :)
  2. lindz

    lindz Native Ponies

    Get to the show at least an hour and a half before your class starts. You will need to enter your classes, find out where the rings are etc.

    When you get to the show, get him out and ride around a bit to get him used to the atmosphere. Once hes calm, find somewhere quiet or the designated practice ring to warm up with a bit of schooling.

    Get to the ringside at least 10 mins before your class starts.

    We always travel with haynets, just make sure they are tied high enough up so he cant get a foot stuck in it.

    In between classes, either load him back up or tie to the side with hay. Either way make sure hes not left unnatended.

    Make sure you take plenty of water (+bucket) with you, not all showgrounds have a trough. Offer him water whenever he wants it.

    Take a spare lead rope.

    Take a cooler or sweat rug.
  3. lindz

    lindz Native Ponies

    Oh, and good luck!
  4. tigs

    tigs New Member

    as your first show i would maybe get there even earlier so you have about 2-2 1/2hrs before your class that way you can get him off when you get there(when its still nice and quiet)and walk him round for 5min so he can settle, then put him back in the box and let him eat and relax for about half an hour, maybe while you have a look round the grounds and sort every thing out as well as relax yourself-nothing worse than rushing! depending on how hes settled (if well)-i would get on about 30/40min before your class so you can warm him up(walk trot and canter on bothreins should be enough; you dont want him all sweaty before he goes in)maybe 10-15min and then with the extra 15min you can do your last minute touch ups etc. if however he is unsettled when you arrive you might want to ride him after abut 20/30min after you arrive and then again before you go in (i.e the 30/40min before as above).
    inbetween classes if you have long enough you could untack him and put him back on the box with a haynet and cooler-remember if your there all day he still has to eat!
    a few other tips-
    take a groom!essential!!
    pack every thing in the box the night before, if its damp you could put your tack in, in the morning.
    definatly have breckfast and take plenty to snack on in the day-all the 'action will prob leave you hungry.lol.
    i would travl with haynet definatly
    most of all enjoy!good luck!
  5. Libbyo

    Libbyo New Member

    Thanks guys.

    Well its now the night before.

    Pinnochio is bathed and polished, cliped and pulled and very grumpy about the attention given to him. He likes his mud.

    Im tired but ok, I only rode Cilla as some one else rode Pinnochio today.

    Tack clean, gear ready.

    We are borrowing a trailer and mates car to get us there.

    What was just to be a first step, has turned into a yard outing. Loads are comming to watch. Im more worried about that than anything!

    Its in hand by the way so no riding.

    Any way. Cant do any more. Now is wine, ironing and chill out time.

    Thanks again

    Libbyo :)
  6. phyzelda

    phyzelda One day....

    good luck!! Its mine and Mannys turn next weekend!

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