Ozzy fell with me on him

Discussion in 'Confidence Club' started by Pencilbeckett, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Pencilbeckett

    Pencilbeckett New Member

    Hi All

    Not having such a good week this week. Ozzy has been coughing lots, not sure why, he is a chesty horse and struggles with dusty hay but is on 24/7 turnout. Anyway yesterday in the school we were trying to get a canter and Ozzy had a massive cough pulled me forward then he tripped and we both went down. I managed to scramble away so he didnt roll on me and Ozzy got back up. He seemed ok so i got back on and did a bit more but he was very reluctant on the left rein so we stopped. Today he is a lame :frown: my instructor got on and then straight off after the first trot he was obviously short in his stride. Poor boy, gave hime some bute and turned him out not sure whether to get vet or wait and see.
  2. Kimmy C

    Kimmy C New Member

    Oh poor Ozzy that must have been some cough!! I hope the lameness is only temporary.
  3. CMP

    CMP Active Member

    Oh my, thats rather scary. I hope you and ozzy are ok.
    I do hope he will have a speedy recovery xx
  4. Dark Storm

    Dark Storm Active Member

    It might be worth getting the vet to assess how bad his coughing is, I take it you soak his hay? If not you need to soak it for at least 20 mins before giving it to him..
    There are plenty of supplements out there to aid his breathing, one is called mucus-x (which will help clear any yukky stuff), breath easy, and immune plus, all global herbs.. I'd start with the mucus-x first and immune plus which will boost his immune system, as that will help with the coughing too..
    Having a horse with a cough is a worrying thing, I've been there, and it's caused plenty of sleepless nights.. Get a vets opinion, and if you want to avoid the expensive ventipulmin, herbal is the way to go:wink:
  5. eml

    eml Moderator

    I would get the vet. Ponies falling on their shoulders can cause enormous nerve damage. If a cough is bad enough for him to fall then it certainly needs attention from a vet..possibly some allergy to pollen as well??
  6. Pencilbeckett

    Pencilbeckett New Member

    I do always soak his hay for 20 minutes and he only usually has a couple of coughs when we do fast work in the winter but usually fine in the summer. H e has had no hay for over a week although that was from a new hay supplier i dont usually use so maybe an allergy. Am on nights until Monday so will have to get vet out then unless he looks worse over the weekend. Will try the global herbs supplements. Am off to robinsons tomorrow so will have a look.

    Thanks guys
  7. crinklesb

    crinklesb New Member

    My boy had a cough this time last year and it turned out to be a minro bronchial infection. The cough was caused by him having lots of irritation in his throat. We don't know where he got it from but once the vet had been and diagnosed it it soon cleared up with antibiotics. I would definetly get the vet out to double check. Good luck xx
  8. fairlady

    fairlady New Member

    Poor Ozzy,..............I am not one for recommending a Vet Visit for at the
    drop of a hat tbh, however I think if Ozzy has this persistant cough it does
    need further examination to find out what the underlying cause is........

    As Dark Storm has said, first thing they will probably recommend is Ventipulmin but there are other things on the market, however he may need
    a course of antibiotics and they are not available elsewhere.

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