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    Does anyone know the procedure for assessments after completing one level, and then moving on to the next?
    I am confused by the parelli website, as on the Savvy Club page it says:
    Please note:
    1) To claim you free Harmony pack when passing level 1or Refinement pack when passing level 2 you must have an official assessment. Assessments can be done by sending your video to our head office in the UK or to one of our Endorsed Parelli Professionals. In order to claim your next levels' pack your official levels pass must be dated after the start of your membership. You can not claim retrospectively. Assessments cost £15 (£25 non-member) per ½h video assessed.

    But on the assessment page of the site it says:

    There are two ways you can assess your progress through Pat's
    Savvy System:
    1. You can "Self-Assess" by using the checklists at the end of each lesson in the PocketGuides for each level. Self-assessment does not qualify you for an award packet or rank you as an official level-graduate. However, if you do self-assess initially and want to have an "Official Assessment", that can be done also (see #2 below).

    2. You can have an "Official Assessment" with a Parelli Endorsed Instructor. Many people enjoy having official recognition of their achievements, and having this official record allows you to automatically qualify for higher level courses with Pat Parelli, Linda Parelli, and Parelli

    Does this mean that if you join the Savvy club, and pay monthly, that you have to do an official assessment, but if you just buy the packs and pay the one off price, that you can self-assess?
    I really don't want to do the assessments, as I just want to do the course for enjoyment and the benefit of my horses. I hate to do assessments/tests!, and I am not interested in having any certificates or such like.
  2. TrotaLot

    TrotaLot New Member This will take you to the explanations of how to assess. Under each level, you can download the task and assessment sheets. You will need Acrobat reader, but if you don't have it you can download it for free (just look at the instructions at the top of the page).

    You can do a self-assessment, but many of the endorsed instructors will assess from a video tape (and some will send the tape back with comments). You will probably need to contact an instructor by e-mail (a list of instructors are on the site) to find out the cost and how they want it submitted (which usually includes sending the task sheet).
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    Thanks a lot for the information. I had a look at the website. It appears that if you join the Savvy Club and pay monthly that you have to do an official assessment. To self assess you have to buy the pack outright.
  4. TrotaLot

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    be patient with me, but...

    ... at that site, under each level there are active "buttons" called "download level X assessment criteria" and "download level X tasks." You can print these out and do your own self assessment. The criteria tells you what is level 1 and what is pre-level 1 (not passing). (You have to have acrobat reader to read them -- but that is a free download.)

    I do have the partnership and harmony packs. There is more to them than what are on these downloads -- but, the task download is what a pareli instructor uses to check off what you have passed. I am in the process of video taping my level 1 tasks and most of the level 2 ground work. The parelli instructor has asked me to send the task (download) sheets and video tape for evaluation. So I am assuming you can use these same downloads to self-assess.

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