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Discussion in 'Tack & Saddlery' started by JanC, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. JanC

    JanC New Member

    Just got a pee wee bit on hire and tried it out immediately - fantastic! I normally hack out in a half-bosal but my young girl needs to develop her back (she's very much working on her fore) so I need to school her into a more collected shape. I hate the amount of contact I need to use to do this so decided to try the peewee. With hardly any contact and just some finger twitching she dropped her neck down and was beautifully collected in both walk and trot. She's only 6 and so I'm taking it slow to start. The reviews on this bit assure me that its a gentle, mild bit but makes the aids very clear. If things continue this well, I'll be buying it!:D
  2. Rosie1994

    Rosie1994 New Member

    I've thought about getting one of these, the 'reviews' of them certainly sound promising. My mare can be very strong. I use a mullen mouth pelham at the moment with 2 reins, and she is OK, much lighter. I try to only keep a light contact on the curb rein and use it only when needed, but do like the sound of the Pee Wee.
  3. dunrobin_topper

    dunrobin_topper dunrobin_topper

    Ive just been on the hunt for a new bit for my (fairly strong) welsh cob x. We were doing pretty well in the rubber mouth pelham (double reins too!) just like you Rosie but i was finding that he just didnt seem too happy in it. We have been schooling twice a week over the summer and all was fine until he started to lean. I tried to correct it by giving instead of pulling back but i had no choice the other week when he realised his strength and started leaning to avoid the contact all together and pulled me to keep up on a hack in company! So im back to the drawing board! Do you think i could regain some control using the pee wee but still try and maintain a light contact and improve his way of going (not back on the forehand!! hopefully) My sponging on the reins technique isnt helping and i hate using lots of pressure when i know that he used to be much lighter! Oh the troubles!

    Any info much appreciated!
  4. Mareish

    Mareish Guest

    Peewee ? Sounds fab but what is it, how does it work and what does it look like ?
  5. HanGbbn

    HanGbbn Never Give Up

  6. pineapple

    pineapple New Member

    are they dressage legal??? the only thing my little pony will soften in is a 3 ring gag but obviously cant compete in it.
    seen it use on a horse when i went to get my new horse and was working well of what i saw....
  7. Styric

    Styric Rawr!!

    Definitely not dressage legal
  8. pineapple

    pineapple New Member

    damn should have guessed not really... they are kind of cheating. never mind
  9. Mareish

    Mareish Guest

    Wow, what a contraption.

    Any pics of your horse in it?

    Would love to have an update in a few weeks
  10. JanC

    JanC New Member

    Chris now collects herself with almost invisible aids. Tend to only use the peewee now and again now. I prefer to not use a bit and now work and hack in either a headcollar or a Dr Cook. I think she is just so much clearer about what I am asking her to do now - I raise my hands a fraction and touch her sides a tiny bit with my legs and she instantly starts to work in a fantastic outline. Last week in a fit of super chuffedness I schooled her without anything on her head and she did it then aswell!!!:eek: What a clever girl - I'm not a great rider and I think that the pee wee helped me clear things up for her.
  11. michelle c

    michelle c dieting! 8 pounds to go!!

    is there any pics of it on a horse coz i cant seem to work out how it goes?!!!!:eek:
  12. Trio

    Trio New Member

    just got one of these for my young un. he was resisting all other types of bit and as he was used to a western bit and the peewee looks similar thought i'd give it a go.
    Fantastic, no head shaking and complete control without heavy aids. He seems really comfortable with it and i only have it on the lowest snaffle setting.
    Will get some photos of it to check i'm using it correctly (if anyone knows?)
  13. Vicki&Milo

    Vicki&Milo The Apprectices

    If anyone has got any pictures of this on a horse I too would be interested. Milo tends to head wave (its not really a shake, more a nose in the air and throw it around) in trot and seems to have no real concept of 'accepting' the bit (back and teeth all checked). He was always very easy going and easy to stop too, but now he's getting bigger and fitter I've loosing brakes, so this sounds like it might be a good idea.

    Also, anyone know how the sizing works, he's only a little 'un
  14. Trio

    Trio New Member

    there are only 2 sizes of bit and its a very thin bar- like a western bit- standard for ponies/horses up to 15.2 TB's (light breeds ) and then 15.2+ and heavier breeds (WB, ID etc).
    i was a bit concerned about the sizing thing but it fits Arch perfectly. You can hire one from the saddlery shop place .
  15. Vicki&Milo

    Vicki&Milo The Apprectices

    Can I ask a really dumb question, how do you know how much room your horse has in its mouth for a bit, I really don't fancy sticking my fingers in Milo's!

    ETA have never used or seen a western bit, but am assuming this would work on a UK birdle, am I wrong?
  16. Trio

    Trio New Member

    You can see if you're horse has "room" in its mouth fairly easily (without losing your fingers) - depends on size of mouth, fleshyness, size of tongue and depth. Both of mine have fleshy mouths and not much room- so this is great for them as its tiny.

    The peewee isnt a western bit as it doesnt have the curb action of one and works in a western or english bridle.

    link for peewee
  17. JULIA G

    JULIA G New Member

    My horse went very well in the Pee Wee considering he usually goes bitless. I only thought of getting one for XC/hunting eg as when his blood's up I don't think I'm going to be able to hold him in my bitless.

    The only thing I don't like about them is how complicated they are/look. Took me ages to get it on him and if I actually bought one was wondering if I could have the curb strap and 2 bottom rings removed (as they didn't seem to be doing anything on the low setting which is all I would ever use) so its a much simpler, neater looking bit? :rolleyes:

    It's very thin and exceptionally lightweight, great for horses with small mouths and huge tongues (like mine) :D
  18. Vicki&Milo

    Vicki&Milo The Apprectices

    So, if my pony doesnt have a particularly small mouth, and I use it on the top setting, would it serve any purpose over a loose ring straight bar?
  19. Trio

    Trio New Member

    a simple loose ring snaffle will apply pressure on the back of the mouth but the peewee applies it on the lower jaw so has a downwards pull rather than backwards/upwards.
    Depends on how your pony goes- i'm trying to retrain Archie as he was being trained for polo and has an upside down neck and runs around with his head as high as he can so the peewee works for him :D
  20. Vicki&Milo

    Vicki&Milo The Apprectices

    That makes complete sense and I think would help a lot. Milo doesn't really do bending.

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