pelham will it work for her???

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  1. lamprellsarah

    lamprellsarah horsey and happy

    My mares in a high ported barrel myler but although she’s good, she does lean on me, and doesn’t relax at the poll or at the mouth at all!!! Yet she will stop slow down very easily and will little pressure, she is fairly lazy and needs queite a bit of leg at the times, I would like to try a pelham and see if she relaxs better, but will she back off of it, because she stops so easily and will slow with contact!!!
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  2. lamprellsarah

    lamprellsarah horsey and happy

    heres a pic

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  3. Heather

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    HI Saz,

    Without actually seeing Chancer under saddle, it is very difficult to advise as to whether the Pelham may help or not. Is there any reason why you have her in a high ported Myler?- Why the high port?

  4. lamprellsarah

    lamprellsarah horsey and happy

    well it's slightly higher not sure if it's full high ported, it has a roller too which is supposed to help her relax at the poll and not lean on me, i must admit she doesn't lean on me as much, and is better in it than her old snaffle, but she's still not relaxing to it, if i can get a photo on here of me on her walking will this help!!???

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