pics of big people on likkle ponies please :)

Discussion in 'Adults who ride Ponies' started by raggydoll, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. raggydoll

    raggydoll Hattie & Bimble

    I am looking for my first horse at the moment and have recently been thinking i might be happier/better suited to a pony (if i can find one to carry me at 5ft7 and 11 1/2 stone :eek: )

    Anyways would love to see pics of adults my sort of size (if there are any) on ponies so i can be sure im not gonna look like a complete wally :rolleyes:

  2. larri

    larri Luso Loopy!

    I did have some piccies of me riding my 14hh Welshie - I'm 5'8" and just a little lighter than you, but I can't find them any where :rolleyes:

    I did classical dressage displays on the little fella, and I didn't look too big on him at all - he's nice and chunky though which makes a difference I think.

    There are loads of adults with ponies on this board, I'm sure a few more will come along and post pics for you :D
  3. Esther.D

    Esther.D Moderator

    I'm afraid I'm only a likkle adult so can't help much on that front...I will attach a gratuitous piccie though of me (5ft) on my 13.1hh.

    Wally is about your height I think and rides icelandics and fjords who are about 13hh, hopefully she will come along with some pics for you :)

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  4. heather1982

    heather1982 New Member

    Here is a pic of me and Dowdy, my quarter pony gelding. He is about 13.3 to 14 hands high. I am 5'3" and on the heavy side - about 165 pounds. He carries me with no problem, though I wouldn't put anyone much heavier on him because of his swayback. I am trying to lose weight actually :eek:
  5. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    ooh nice thread :D

    here goes :) me: 5'5, pony 12.3hh :D



  6. raggydoll

    raggydoll Hattie & Bimble

    awww they look fab! Keep em coming :)
  7. NoviceNic

    NoviceNic Sexy Dressage Pony

    Raggydoll - I prefer smaller in statue. I have a 14 2hh cob and believe me that is big enough when I am on the ground during one of his wobblers. Sometimes I pop on my daughter's Shetland 11hh when she is being naughty and running the gate for a quick exit. :p

    Where abouts in Lincolnshire are you?? I am at Boston.
  8. Bea

    Bea New Member

    This picture is a bit blurry but here you go:

    I'm 5'6'', 8 stone, Bea is 12.2 hands (I think).

  9. raggydoll

    raggydoll Hattie & Bimble

    Im near Gainsborough Novice Nic but i sometimes find myself in Boston with work.

    I think i might be hooked on the pony idea :) I'm loving the pics!
  10. katefarmer

    katefarmer New Member

    I know a couple of people about your size who ride Haflingers and get on really well with them. I think the main thing is to get a weight carrying small horse/pony. It only looks odd (and is hard on the horse/pony!) if it's a narrow, weedy pony with a larger adult.

    I would also say, however, that just because it's smaller, it's not necessarily any easier to rider and control! Make sure character and attitude are top of the list of qualities you're looking for - a "been there, done that" easy-going 15hh is going to make a better first horse than a young or undisciplined 13.2! :D

    Good luck in your search!

  11. raggydoll

    raggydoll Hattie & Bimble

    Thanks for the advice and im loving the pics :D
  12. Showjumper

    Showjumper Ex Member

    I'm 5'5, 7.5 stone and my pony was a smidge over 13hh last time I measured her :D
  13. shandy84

    shandy84 New Member


    I'm 5"6 and weigh 8 stone 7lbs and in the pics my pony is 13hh and 3 years old she is filling out a bit now a taking my leg up a bit more but as you can see she's a happy pony. :)
  14. notpoodle

    notpoodle Well-Known Member

    jsut to say theyrer all great piccies :D

  15. Vicki&Milo

    Vicki&Milo The Apprectices


    This is a fjord pony I ride at my stables, although she's not mine so i wouldn't know exactly how big she is, but my guess would be about 14hh, and she feels a good size, but then i'm only 5ft6, so not exactly huge! Scarily though, i look about 12 in this picture, and its only a few months back (1'm 20)-clearly the effect riding ponites has, instead age reducer!!


  16. Showjumper - Willow has the same noseband and browband as Dolly. Well until I can ride her in my halter
  17. chickflick1066

    chickflick1066 New Member

    Well I guess I only just belong in this catagory. My Stumps is 14.2hh.

    > Pic one is me on her, I am 5ft4
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    > Pic two is my mate on her, shes about 5ft8
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  18. Me on my 13.1hh and I am quite small and she is very round and wide so I dont actually look as big as I thought I would :rolleyes:

  19. Janette

    Janette New Member

    This is me at 5'8" (and weighing a lot!) on Star, at a dressage comp. She is 14.3 and a bit so we just qualify, if you consider that Working Hunter Ponies go up to 15hh.

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  20. horseyrose

    horseyrose New Member

    This should be me (5 ft 7 and fat!) on Shadow, a 14hh riding school pone. It was a jumping lesson hence the short stirrups. Shadow is a little madam and actually goes better for me than my skinny friends! Ponies are great, good luck in your search! :D

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