Pictures of coloured showing classes..

Discussion in 'Showing' started by Lonestar, May 19, 2009.

  1. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Either in-hand or ridden :D

    Please share :)

    Thank youu
  2. carn77

    carn77 Carn and Jazz

    Oooo yeah would love to see pics of your coloureds! I've just brought my 1st coloured therefore interested in your pics;)
  3. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Same here carn77, I get him home friday and later on in the year hope to do some showing :D
  4. jaydevon

    jaydevon Banned

    giz ..



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  5. Soot

    Soot Paranoid!



  6. jaydevon

    jaydevon Banned

    just thought id say, i also do competition horse and hunter classes with gizmo and am going to try a riding horse class aswell.
  7. carn77

    carn77 Carn and Jazz

    Ooo so not long to wait:D I've got at least 3/4more sleeps yet before Jazz arrives...hes coming either saturday/sunday depending on what the owners got on at their farm those days will know friday soooo excited

    Thats what i would like very much to get into as well while hes unbroken i will try taking him to a couple small shows for the experience but i would like to take him bigger shows or he would be just wasted otherwise - hmmm will need to get schooling for him & me!!
  8. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    I am looking forward to it :D.
    He is an ID x trotter and is a blue and white coloured I don't know what colour to go with a coloured, either a crimson velvet or bottle green?
  9. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

  10. xloopylozzax

    xloopylozzax New Member

    wheres harvey??


    get harvey pictures out please :p :D


    in-hand as he not backed yet


  12. Rips

    Rips Active Member

    What the placings here - :confused: thats Lucy second from left, the horse to your left looks hideous so I assume that was placed below you... but there are ones in the line up furthur up that aren't really that great either!!
  13. hoofytrot

    hoofytrot New Member

    I thought that too.. Actually my thought was WHAT THE HECK IS THE JUDGE DOING!? None of the horses either side are anywhere near the same quality as Lucy. Odd.
  14. Soot

    Soot Paranoid!

    This was the final placing - horse to my left was the winner! It looks like a real FUG here, but it did actually look absolutely stunning in movement - the most graceful, collected paced, great manners, etc - I didn't begrudge her the placing (and I think she also won the novice dressage, which is good)

    We were originally pulled in 5th, but managed to claw our way back up the line. There were some stunning traditionals (not placed, so not pictured), but moved very heavily and the judge clearly liked airy, floaty paced - so in a way I felt honoured to have been placed at all!

    All the horses look a bit funny and tense in that pic though - it was sooooo windy, it's hard to describe! Look at the leaning trees in the background! Poor horses were asked to lean against the wind; doesn't bring out their best look!
  15. Ghostie

    Ghostie New Member

    My cob mare Dilly at a show (on a miserable,rainy day so excuse the fact that she looks like a drowned rat!):


  16. Nookster

    Nookster New Member

  17. showpony

    showpony New Member

    My 4 year old 15hds mare.

    First season out showing - unbeaten in coloured classes.



  18. Lonestar

    Lonestar Bluey Manai

    Gorgeous coloureds in this threads guys!

    How do you think a blue + white coloured will do? He has quite big blue patches on his body, and small patches underneath his belly and down his legs?

    Thanks :D
  19. lauraandharvey

    lauraandharvey New Member

    shucks mate!!!:eek:
  20. lovejakeyx

    lovejakeyx New Member

    OK, trying to put my photos on here...


    Did it work???
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