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  1. Waikato Valuta

    Waikato Valuta New Member

    I have a show this wednes day and was wanting a little advice on plaiting. My horses main is about 2" long and a bit thin. Can you plait something likt this. And if so what kind of plaits would make him look better considering he had a slight U neck.
  2. cvb

    cvb Cucumber

    you should be able to plait it still. If you want to lengthen the neck, use more, small plaits. If shorten, try and make them bigger.

    Also you might want to try plaiting from above the neck, and plait upwards, so the plaits sit up on the neck to make it look thicker.

    (if you had a horse with a stocky neck, you would plait down more).

    And don't forget to have an odd number of plaits along the neck (forelock makes it an even number).

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