Prelim 12 urgent please!!!!

Discussion in 'Dressage & Classical Training' started by 4eva bankrupt, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. 4eva bankrupt

    4eva bankrupt due to horses

    I know the BD trsts are copyrighted, but the website that i normally buy trsts sheets from isnt working, and I need prelim 12 for tomorrow, can anyone help me please :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  2. Lisa&Lady

    Lisa&Lady Guest

  3. 4eva bankrupt

    4eva bankrupt due to horses

  4. mu0ljk

    mu0ljk Guest

    Good luck tomorrow! :D
  5. pepsimaxrock

    pepsimaxrock New Member

    Hi hope you got on ok with your Prelim 12.

    I did Prelim 7 and 12 today - got 6th and 5th. In P7 I FORGOT THE TEST and got marks taken off - 2 marks - and I would have been 4th not 6th - gutted.

    And in my P12 the marks add up to 139 but it was marked on the overall results sheet as 137! Didnt notice until I got home. What a pain.

    But it was great, and P is going so well - roll on next time...

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