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Discussion in 'Dressage & Classical Training' started by gregs_yorkley, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Daughter of 13, has just decided that she wants to try some dressage as well as the jumping this season, and has seen a competition next Saturday where Prelim 12 is on offer.

    All the tests we have done to date, have been either through Pony Club or eventing tests, both of which can be downloaded for free from their websites.

    Obviously BD are different and make you buy theres, but does anyone have a copy of Prelim 12 that they could tell me what is involved, so I can judge whether it's worth driving the 10 miles to the tack shop tomorrow to buy a copy of the test, and then another 6 miles to the Equestrian Centre to take the entry (so it gets there for entries closing at 5.30!)

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